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Stretch of the Week: Assisted Side Angle Stretch

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Our second week of partner stretching is an Assisted Side Angle Stretch. You will feel this stretch in the sides of your body, but it also has a slight twist that will stretch your back. Since this stretch mimics a side lunge, it will stretch your inner thighs too!

Please consult your doctor before performing this stretch if you have any knee or shoulder injuries.

How to perform:

  1. Stand roughly a foot away from your partner, facing each other. Both of you will take your left legs back to come into a side lunge position. Your right heel will be in line with your left foot’s arch. Bend your right knees to deepen the lunge. Each partner should take their right forearm down to their right thigh. Then, each partner should lift their left arm up alongside their ear, straightening out the arm. Each partner should press their left palm into their partner’s left palm, as shown in the photo marked “Yes.”
  1. Both partners will begin to feel a stretch along the sides of their bodies from this position. The harder you press into each other’s left palms, the more you will each rotate toward the sky and intensify the stretch. As you rotate, press the back foot firmly into the floor to stabilize. Make sure your right knee is in line with your right heel, and press your right knee toward the right pinky toe. You don’t want to look like the collapsed photo marked “No.”
  1. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Inhale to release your palms and pull yourself upright. Then step the feet together and repeat on the left side.

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