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Will Injuries Impact Super Bowl LIII fb

Will Injuries Impact Super Bowl LIII?

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Super Bowl LIII will take place this Sunday when New England takes on Los Angeles. Both teams have dealt with injuries to key players over the course of their respective playoff runs. The question is – will any of these injuries have a significant impact on the outcome of the game? Let’s dive a little deeper and take a look! 

Tom Brady QB – New England

Tom Brady has been dealing with a left knee injury since late in the regular season. The exact details of the injury are not known and Brady was not willing to divulge specifics when questioned about the ailment in late December. Whatever the injury, it has not been severe enough to hold Brady out of any game action for New England. He tossed for 348 yards on 30-46 passing with 1 TD and 2 INT in the AFC Championship Game and figures to build on this performance in the Super Bowl. At the present, there is no reason to believe Brady’s knee injury will have any significant impact on his performance this Sunday.

Todd Gurley RB – Los Angeles

Todd Gurley missed Week 16 and Week 17 in advance of the playoffs due to a left knee injury. The most recent bout of the issue began following Week 15 and was diagnosed as “inflammation and soreness.” This was also something Gurley indicated he dealt with after Week 1. Los Angeles denies any structural damage to the knee, however, Gurley’s performance in the NFC Conference Championship have fans questioning this report. Coming off a 115-yard, 1 TD performance in the Divisional Round, Gurley posted a lackluster 10 yards on four carries in the NFC Conference Championship. Football fans around the country quickly began to question the health of the reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year. Entering Super Bowl LIII this weekend, Gurley’s health is definitely in question. The good news for Los Angeles is that during Gurley’s absence C.J. Anderson emerged as a reliable backfield option.

Rob Gronkowski TE – New England

Rob Gronkowski has been riddled with injuries throughout his career and he dealt with ankle and back issues earlier this season. The superstar tight end missed Week 9 and Week 10 with these injuries, however, has not missed any game action since. His production has not been as consistent as what he’s done in years prior, but it’s been enough to help propel New England to their fourth Super Bowl appearance in the past five years. Gronkowski should be considered healthy for the game on Sunday and will be available without restriction.

Brandon’s Prediction: As with any Super Bowl in which New England is involved, it is very difficult to bet against history and the Hall of Fame career of Tom Brady. Although there may be many who want Los Angeles to knock off one of the all-time greats, I predict New England will emerge victorious once again. Final score: New England: 31, Los Angeles: 20.

Injuries Can Happen Anywhere

Injuries can happen at any time to anyone – from a professional football player hurting his knee during a big game to a mom who wakes up with a sore back. It is important to stay proactive about your health by seeking treatment at the first sign of pain or discomfort. Should you notice this during exercise or everyday activities, request an appointment to schedule a virtual free assessment or even physical therapy at a nearby Athletico clinic so our experts can help you start the recovery process.

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Written by Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT, Astym Cert.
In addition to being a physical therapist at Athletico New Albany, Brandon has been the author behind our Athletico Fantasy Football Injury Report series for the past two years, which provides insights into notable player injuries during the Fantasy Football season.

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  1. Jessica

    Maybe these injuries helped cause a not so exciting Super Bowl. Hopefully, professional athletes in football will be supported by better helmet designs and the continued care of PTs.

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