7 Moving Tips to Prevent Pain and Injuries 7 Moving Tips to Prevent Pain and Injuries 7 Moving Tips to Prevent Pain and Injuries

7 Moving Tips to Prevent Pain and Injuries

by Malvika Sampath, PT, DPTLeave a Comment

It is time for change, you are moving! Your exciting new adventure awaits. The only thing in your way of living in your new home is the heavy boxes that need to be moved and unpacked. To make your moving day goes smoothly, I have come up with quick tips to help you minimize injury while moving. Each part of your body plays a vital role in keeping you injury free. Let’s start from the top!

  1. Keep your back upright. Do NOT bend at your back or your hips. Naturally, many people will pick up a box from the ground and will bend at their hips. This will increase your risk for back injury.
  2. Use your core muscles. While lifting items, contract your abdominal muscles to help keep your back in good alignment.
  3. Keep item/package close to your body. The closer the package is to your body, the less heavy the load will feel and it will decrease strain on your upper body. In addition, keep the item/package at waist level.
  4. Bend at your knees. To pick up a box from the ground, it is important to keep your knees over your ankles as you lower to the ground. The rest of your body should stay in their neutral position while you squat down.
  5. Use your legs. To come back up from squatting down, it is important that you are using your leg muscles to push back up to a standing position, instead of moving at your hips or back.
  6. Keep your feet flat. Keep your toes and heels on the ground for the entire duration of the lift.
  7. Stand up straight. While carrying an item, it is important that your back is straight and you are not bending backward.

A couple more questions to ask yourself to ensure a safe move…

  • How much is too much?
    • To determine how much weight you are comfortably able to carry, lift the item from floor to waist level five times. If you are able to perform those five lifts with good form, then it is more likely you are able to tolerate the weight without assistance.
  • Can someone help me?
    • If you have a friend that can assist you in lifting and/or carrying an item, ask them! Don’t forget to share these tips with them to keep everybody safe.
  • Did I use equipment if it was available?
    • If you have equipment that could assist in moving the heavy boxes (e.g. dolley, carts) or for accessing higher areas (e.g. ladders), you should utilize them. Make sure you understand how to safely use the equipment before proceeding to move heavy items.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in an easy move! It is important to take into account how your body feels and take appropriate breaks as needed. If you notice pain or discomfort after moving, request a free assessment at an Athletico near you. We will assess your pain and assist you to determine the appropriate course of action.

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