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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

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International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is a day about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.

In celebration of this day, we recognize the Athletico women in leadership roles and what being a leader means to them. Read their answers below:

Diane, Vice President of Clinical Operations/Workers’ Compensation

“Women in leadership must know the difference between assertive and aggressive, passion and emotion. Be true to yourself and never compromise on your integrity. It is important to listen as well as have others listen to women. Important for our ideas to be heard and shared. I recommend “Leaning in” and “Getting after it.” There are sacrifices you make. A strong support system in/out of work is important for continued growth professionally and personally. Leading at Athletico involves empowering others to perform to their potential.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at AthleticoGeri, Vice President of Billing Operations

“Embracing change and the act of co-creating with our innovative team, while incorporating Athletico’s core values is what I appreciate most as a leader. This, in my opinion, contributes to Athletico’s success.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

Jen, Vice President of Talent Acquisition

“Being a leader at Athletico means establishing authentic connections with your team and investing in individuals to help them achieve their greatest potential.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

Joanne, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer

“I am honored to be part of such a great organization! I lead the compliance and risk management programs which advance our culture of doing the right thing and provide a foundation to live our core values each and every day. My role allows me to influence and motivate others to achieve personal goals as well as support the organization’s greater purpose to empower people, inspire hope and transform lives.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

Kari, Vice President of Legal Affairs

“Being a leader at Athletico means working both with my own team and across all business units to help find solutions for the organization’s problems and ways to meet the organization’s strategic goals. I believe in working collaboratively, in hearing the voices of everyone involved and finding a path forward that reflects that diversity of thought. Within the Legal Affairs Department, leadership requires motivating and encouraging my team to perform their best in furtherance of the department’s/organization’s goals while also helping them grow and develop personally.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

Khymberly, Chief Human Resources Officer

“Being a leader at Athletico means leading through our values. It means building trust, enhancing employee capability and maximizing our value. More importantly, being a leader at Athletico means making a difference – in the lives of our employees and our patients!”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

Nicole, Vice President of Real Estate Procurement and Development

“Being a leader at Athletico means the opportunity to support and empower our team in building our platform to provide access to patients in new markets and career advancement opportunities for our clinicians.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Athletico

Payten, Head of Athletic Training Services

“For me, being a leader at Athletico is less about the word leader and more about embodying being a teammate. As an athletic trainer, I grew up in athletics and there is something remarkable about the moment a team pulls together to achieve a goal. And maybe more importantly, there is something beautiful about the moment the team doesn’t achieve a goal but rallies to make the next “game” (or day) better. I get that here. That’s what I love about being on the Athletico team.”

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