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Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes

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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our worlds upside down, striking us with fear and uncertainty. However, the Athletico team has continued to care for our patients, making a difference in their lives and throughout our communities.

While we recognize the entire Athletico team and their efforts to offer superior care during these challenging times, here are a few clinicians we’d like to highlight for their work in-clinic, in-home or via telehealth virtual visits.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Chris, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager from Athletico Bucktown

Healthcare Highlight: Chris continues to connect with patients to keep them active and on the road to recovery through telemedicine and in-clinic treatments.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Leython, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager from Athletico Royal Oak, MI

Healthcare Highlight: While taking the necessary precautions, Leython has structured his treatment plans to encourage independence with progressive home exercises and efficient in-clinic time for manual therapy. Manual therapy remains essential in its effectiveness in manipulating joints and soft tissue in effort to break up scar tissue, reduce pain, and improve functional movement.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Caitlin, Physical Therapist from Athletico South Loop

Healthcare Highlight: Caitlin has done a fantastic job of completing in-home visits for high-risk patients who need continued hands-on therapy but are unable to leave their homes right now.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Bryce, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager from Athletico Indianapolis-Castleton

Healthcare Highlight: Bryce, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager at our Castleton, IN clinic and team have been creating an experience that transcends the clinical practice, offering virtual hugs and high fives! Bryce and team have even provided care packages to the doorsteps of those that are alone and have been unable to get out, helping their recovery process with the delivery of appropriate equipment.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Rachel, Physical Therapist from Athletico Bucktown

Healthcare Highlight: Rachel is leading the way in telemedicine. She spends one-on-one time with each patient, creating engaging and dynamic sessions to ensure each patient progress while staying safe at home.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Names: Kelli and Aimee, Physical Therapists from Athletico Printers Row

Healthcare Highlight: Kelli and Aimee have been doing an incredible job of keeping dancers moving through telehealth despite many of them being displaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Val, Certified Athletic Trainer

Healthcare Highlight: Val is assisting physical therapists in treatment of patients in clinic. She is bringing her passion for athletics to the Athletico-Bucktown clinic, and is also performing telephone screens to advise patients on best course of action for care.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Kate, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager from Athletico Mundelein

Healthcare Highlight: Kate, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager at our Mundelein, IL clinic has been a great leader treating patients in-clinic as well as virtually through telehealth. She is also proactively researching and preparing for how she can best help patients who have recovered from COVID-19 through breathing and exercise training via telehealth or in-clinic visits.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Melissa, Occupational Therapist from Athletico Wrigleyville North

Healthcare Highlight: Melissa has been utilizing telehealth to continue to assist high risk patients not appropriate to be seen in the clinic under the current circumstances.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Athletico Ogilvie

Healthcare Highlight: The Athletico Ogilvie team has embraced Telehealth into their practice to help commuters who are no longer commuting continue to receive world class care.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Athletico Andersonville

Healthcare Highlight: The Athletico Andersonville team is being praised for their efforts around contacting friends, family, doctors, and current/former patients to educate people on the option of telemedicine treatment.

Athletico’s Healthcare Heroes Name: Joe, Physical Therapist and Facility Manager from Athletico Loop-Jackson

Healthcare Highlight: Joe, physical therapist and facility manager at our Loop – Jackson clinic demonstrates exercises during his Telemedicine PT appointment with his patient.

Our experts are here for you. We remain open in-clinic and online through our telehealth service to deliver safe and effective treatment options. Our experts are passionate about helping you recover from pain or injury. To request an appointment, please click the button below.

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1 Comment

  1. Bonita Roliardi

    This is a great article and all Athletico employees are hero’s .
    My PT Brittany at the DeKalb location is my hero with or without the virus. She makes me feel great/better after treatments.
    Thanks Brittany and Athletico

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