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9 Reasons to Consider Home Therapy

9 Reasons to Consider Home Therapy

by Athletico2 Comments

Whether you have difficulty leaving your home due to mobility issues or simply prefer physical therapy services in the privacy and comfort of your home, Athletico is proud to offer home therapy to our patients! During a home therapy appointment, a skilled Athletico physical therapist comes to your home to provide rehabilitation services. Read below as we discuss reasons why home therapy is a great way to participate in physical therapy!

  1. Convenience – It does not get any easier than having a physical therapist come out to your own home for your physical therapy appointments.
  2. Flexibility – No longer will you be constricted to normal clinic hours. Depending on your physical therapist and your availability, appointments could be any time you choose including in the morning, during the lunch hour, night, or even weekends.
  3. One-on-One Treatment – A great benefit of home physical therapy is the compassionate, individualized, one-on-one time you will receive from your physical therapist without any other interruptions.
  4. Comfort and Safety – There is nothing better (and safer) than being able to be treated in your own home. Home Therapy can decrease your risk of being exposed to certain illnesses when in a public setting.
  5. Post-Surgical or Post-Hospital – Are you planning on having surgery? Did you have an unexpected hospital stay? Home physical therapy is a great option to speak to your physician about in order to bridge the gap between when you get home from the hospital to when you are able to start physical therapy in a clinic.
  6. Transportation-Less – No need to deal with traffic, parking, gas, or accessing public transportation when the therapy comes to you! This will save you time, effort, and money!
  7. Compliance and Outcomes – Establishing a good routine in your own environment with regular in-home visits and communication with your physical therapist can greatly improve outcomes and ultimately set you up for continued success!
  8. Home Set-Up Assessment – If requested, your physical therapist can make recommendations on any home set-ups that affect your body. This could include your work-from-home station for posture realignment or bathroom/tub set-ups for possible fall risks.
  9. In-Clinic Option – At any point during your home physical therapy care, you can have a seamless transition into a clinic. There may be equipment in the clinic that could be beneficial to your recovery or you may just be itching to get out of the house!

Athletico therapists have a 98% patient satisfaction rating and we have the data to back it up. Patients know to ask for us by name because they have come to expect a superior patient experience from our therapists. We are excited to bring the same dedication, passion, and energy of our outpatient clinics right to your home!

With Direct Access laws, you can start your physical therapy without a prescription!* To schedule a Home Therapy Appointment, visit and our Virtual Agent Margie® will get you started! You can also give us a call at 877-ATHLETICO (284-5384), press 3 for Home Therapy or email us at

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*Direct access rules vary by state

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  1. Colin Crawford

    Great blog Jonathan! You hit on the many reasons that patients should consider Home Therapy as an alternative to clinic-based therapy, or as a bridge between surgery/hospital and the clinic. Thank you for writing this!

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