4 way to prevent holiday injuries

4 Ways to Prevent Holiday-Related Injuries

by Malvika Sampath, PT, DPTLeave a Comment

The holidays are here! Though things might be a little different this year, many people will still partake in activities like a holiday-related virtual 5K, friendly game of football, decorating your house or going on an annual family ski vacation.

Whatever the plans are, here are some tips to prevent holiday-related injuries and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

1. If you are planning to do a run, such as a virtual 5k or 10k, it is recommended that you do some training, especially if you are not an active runner. This may mean different things dependent on your skill level. It is important that the muscles used during running are prepared and properly activating to reduce stress on the body that could cause more serious injury. A gradual build up to a longer run is key! Our bodies do not always react well when we change up our normal activity patterns and go from 0 to 100! Plan ahead and make sure you are ready! If you’re looking to run stronger before your next virtual race, read more here to learn how physical therapy can help.

2. No matter what holiday you may celebrate in the next few months, most likely it will involve some form of decoration! Putting up and taking down decorations can potentially cause injury, so taking appropriate precautions is ideal. When hanging or taking down decorations, be sure to have a ladder that is placed on a stable surface with a spotter. This will ensure steadiness when climbing up the ladder and decrease the likelihood of a fall. Avoid using random surfaces around your home to step onto, including dining chairs, couches, or tables. These surfaces might not be stable and may not be fit to keep you safe.

3. Many families go on a winter vacation to enjoy the snow! Skiing and snowboarding are very popular activities for the winter months. It is important that you feel confident to go skiing and snowboarding and are realistic about your abilities. Do not feel pressured to try activities that you do not feel are safe. If you are new at the sport, if possible, get a lesson on appropriate form for the activity. At physical therapy clinics, we see many patients with snow sport related injuries after the holidays. These cannot always be avoided, but being cautious is important!

4. As you create New Year’s resolutions, consider your next two months of physical activity. If you plan to increase your physical activity at the start of the year, it would be good to keep up with some form of activity throughout the next few months. Drastically increasing the amount of exercise can potentially cause increased stress on certain muscles and joints that could lead to injury. For tips on how to get started with exercise again, check out these tips.

The holidays should be a joyous time, filled with food, family and friends! It is important to consider potential risks to injuring yourself during the holidays. If you do get injured, contact your nearest Athletico clinic to schedule a free assessment where we can address your pain or injury and get you back to your previous level of activity! Free assessments are available both in-clinic and virtually through our telehealth platform.

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