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What Is Post-Offer Employment Testing and How Can It Help Employers?

What Is Post-Offer Employment Testing and How Can It Help Employers?

by Matt Weirich OTR/L, CEAS, MSLeave a Comment

Hiring is difficult in every industry – especially right now. Hiring an employee who gets injured in the first few weeks on the job can be crushing to a business. It’s important to utilize the proper pre-hire exams that will both safely and legally evaluate a candidate’s functional worker’s abilities. In this blog, we’ll not only discuss what Post-Offer Employment Testing is, but why it is beneficial for employers to protect their workforce as well as their bottom line.

What Is Post-Offer Employment Testing?

A Post Offer Employment Test (POET) is performed to ensure that a worker is physically capable of performing the job for which they are hired. A POET includes a review of the employee’s medical history, a musculoskeletal screening, a standardized lift test, functional testing as well as injury prevention methods (lift this way, not that way) taught by our skilled clinicians.

During a POET, different functional testing is incorporated to simulate job-related tasks. Job simulations may include but are not limited to: shoveling, lifting, pushing, climbing a ladder, and using job specific equipment/ tools, etc. When evaluating a candidate’s abilities based on safety and function, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) backed decisions can be made on accommodations (if accommodations are applicable).

Is a POET the Same as a Pre-Employment Physical?

A POET and Pre-Employment Physical can be used interchangeably. The most important step is selecting a quality provider who can complete a standardized process that consists of a medical history and musculoskeletal screening, a standardized lift test and functional testing. Athletico also offers drug/alcohol testing, vision/ hearing screens and other new-hire specific protocols.

Why Does My Business Need This?

A POET protects the employee by ruling out jobs that would place them at risk for injury and it helps employers prevent workers’ compensation injuries by hiring qualified workers. Employers may see reduced cost per claim, reduction in recordable cases, ergonomic injuries and lost workdays and an overall cost savings following implementation of this program.

What Types of Jobs Benefit from a POET?

Any type of job will benefit from a POET – whether the job requires heavy, physical demanding work, repetitive work or working in an office setting. In 2019, there were over 36,000 work comp claims from workers in office admin and clerical roles. Those in transportation saw claims nearly 6x that number.1 It is important for both the worker and the company that the potential new hires are screened to safely complete their work. Developing a standardized POET is a great way to ensure your work environment is safe.

Athletico Works for Your Workforce

Athletico physical therapists are here to help you efficiently and effectively manage your hiring process to help you reduce costs and promote wellness in your workplace. Interested in how Athletico can help your work force? Learn more by visiting our Worker’s Compensation webpage.

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