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is physical therapy right for me

Quiz: Is Physical Therapy Right for Me?

by Paige Gibbens, PT, DPTLeave a Comment

Physical therapy is sometimes misunderstood. Physical therapy can help with various injuries, illnesses, diseases, and diagnoses. Curious if physical therapy could be right for you? Take our quiz to see if you may be a good candidate for physical therapy.

1. Do I have pain?

If yes, a physical therapist can help develop an individualized pain management strategy and determine the cause of your pain.

If not, physical therapy could still be of benefit! Physical therapy not only treats pain but can address limitations in motion, strength, and function.

2. How long have I had pain?

24 hours, is the best time to see a physical therapist. There are many things a physical therapist can do to help with acute pain, plus the timeline of your injury may be decreased by seeing a physical therapist sooner rather than later.

One week, physical therapy can help with the pain lasting a week. The physical therapist can help find the root cause of your pain and help with the management of the symptoms.

Less than six months, physical therapy can always help with pain, even if it has been lingering a few months. Seeking help from a physical therapist can reduce the amount of medication needed to help with the pain.

For more than six months, physical therapy can help with chronic pain. A physical therapist is trained on various strategies to help with pain management should pain last more than six months.

3. I am unable to:

Perform showering/dressing activities; a physical therapist can help find the cause of why you are unable to perform these activities and help you develop strategies to perform showering/dressing activities safely.

Walk more than two blocks; a physical therapist can help improve your pain/symptoms to increase your ability to perform activities such as walking.

Go up/downstairs normally; a physical therapist can assess why you cannot go up and down stairs normally and determine the best course of action to help you achieve this activity.

More than 1 of the above answers, a physical therapist can determine why you cannot perform some of the daily tasks listed above. Our physical therapists are movement experts that will identify your pain or limitation and provide their best recommendations for treatment.

4. My pain is described as:

Dull/achy, this type of pain is very common and can be caused by many factors. A physical therapist can assess the cause of your pain and help to improve your symptoms.

Sharp, this can be a troublesome pain to have. A physical therapist can help eliminate the sharp pain and prevent it from coming back.

Burning, numbness, or tingling typically comes from a nerve. If you have this kind of pain, a physical therapist can help to assess which nerve may be involved and why.

5. My chief complaint is:

Pain, weakness, limited function, numbness/tingling, limited mobility/stiffness, this complaint can be assessed by a physical therapist to determine the cause. Each injury is very individualized and will need an individual assessment and treatment plan to improve.

More than 1 of the above answers, all the above can be assessed by a physical therapist to determine the cause. Each injury is very individualized and will need an individual assessment and treatment plan to improve.

6. True or false? Physical therapy can help with more than just pain.

True, as noted previously, physical therapy can help with a wide variety of issues. Pain, tightness, weakness, numbness, and many more are just a few conditions physical therapy can help to improve so you can get back to your daily life pain-free and without restrictions.

7. Physical therapy can help:

For all of the answers – physical therapy can help treat people of all ages, from 0 – infinity. If you have a problem, physical therapy can help.

8. Do I need a script from my doctor for physical therapy?

For all of the answers, you do not need a script for physical therapy in certain states. In addition, your insurance plan may also have specific referral requirements. If you are unsure if your state or insurance plan requires a physical therapy script, click here or call an Athletico clinic near you, and we can help provide more information.

9. I have been to physical therapy before without success. Can it still help me?

Yes, every physical therapist is trained differently. Sometimes a change of scenery and a fresh set of eyes can be all you need to succeed with physical therapy!

10. Will my physical therapist provide an individualized treatment plan based on my goals?

Yes, your physical therapist will do a full assessment on your first visit and determine a treatment plan specifically for you based on your goals, symptoms, and needs. Be sure to speak up about what is important to you at your visits with your physical therapist. Physical therapy is about you, and we want to get you back to your goals and lifestyle.

Start With a Free Assessment

If you are still unsure if physical therapy is right for you, reach out to our team at Athletico Physical Therapy for a free assessment. A physical therapist can assess your concerns to determine if physical therapy may be a good option for you and provide treatment recommendations. Free Assessments are available in-clinic and virtually through our Telehealth platform.

Request a Free Assessment

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About the Author:
Paige Gibbens is a physical therapist specializing in lower extremity treatments and is certified in dry needling and Graston. She is also the Missouri & Southern Illinois regional coordinator for Athletico's Endurance Program.

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