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Stretch of the Week: Wide Legged Straddle (Prone Position)

Posted on by Athletico
In the fourth week of January we are revisiting the Wide Legged Straddle Stretch, but this time we are performing it in the prone position (or face down). This position provides a slightly different way to stretch the inner thigh. (more…)

Stronger than Yesterday: The Squat (Infographic)

Posted on by Athletico
Beginning a new strength training routine can seem overwhelming, especially when deciding what movements to incorporate. (more…)

5 Ways to Stop Knee Pain in Runners

Posted on by Athletico
Between 20 to 93 percent of runners suffer from knee pain, making it the most common lower extremity injury.When knee pain occurs, one of the treatment options is physical therapy. Physical therapists are trained to examine, diagnose and treat knee pain to help patients return to the activities they love. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Reclined Cobbler’s Stretch

Posted on by Athletico
For the third week of January we will be performing an inner thigh stretch called the Reclined Cobbler's Stretch. (more…)

Stronger than Yesterday: Getting F.I.T.T

Posted on by Athletico
After taking time to set your S.M.A.R.T. goals, it is time to use these goals to get F.I.T.T. F.I.T.T. is an acronym that was created to address many of the important questions people have about exercise programs. This principle can be applied directly to strength training. Using the F.I.T.T. principle in combination with S.M.A.R.T goals is a great way to cultivate confidence, generate accountability to goals and improve your physical prowess! (more…)

7 Common Youth Basketball Injuries

Posted on by Athletico
Basketball is a popular sport amongst youth athletes, but the duration of the season in combination with the athleticism required by players can lead to injury. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Wide Legged Straddle with Wall Assist

Posted on by Athletico
We are still targeting the inner thighs for January’s second weekly stretch. This week’s stretch is called the Wide Legged Straddle with wall assist. (more…)

Stronger than Yesterday: Setting Strength Training Goals

Posted on by Athletico
A New Year can be unpredictable, but setting authentic goals combined with genuine pursuit can usher in the kinds of change and inspiration you are seeking. If becoming stronger and more confident are goals you have in mind, this post has tips to make it happen! (more…)
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