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30 Stories for 30 Years

30 anniversary athletico patient stories

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Lake Geneva
Injury: Hip replacement & broken leg

“It started with a hip problem that became a hip replacement that turned out fantastic until I fell 3 weeks after the surgery. I broke the same leg and had to have a new hip replacement as well. Christine, Cara, and all of the staff were so amazingly helpful- all 3 times. Upbeat, supportive, encouraging and wonderful. I miss them!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico House Springs

“All I can say is this, the physical therapist I had was amazing. She is awesome and knows her job. Very professional.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Northbrook Downtown

“My PT Maryrose was wonderful. She worked me hard, but we had fun in the process. I am getting stronger thanks to her.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Irving Park
Injury: Broken ankle

“I am a PE teacher in Chicago Public Schools and I broke my ankle on the playground. Going to Athletico quickly helped me be back on two feet. I am so thankful since my work is all about physical activity. I will never be able to thank the staff at Irving Park enough!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Gold Coast
Injury: Chronic pain

“My story doesn’t begin with a drastic injury, rather chronic pain that steadily began to get worse over time. It manifested into spending all day in bed, unable to move or workout like my previous active self. My doctor recommended physical therapy as nothing prominent was showing up on MRIs or X-rays. After 3 months, I am still in physical therapy but feel so STRONG! The sharp pain is now dull and sometimes non-existent. My biggest win was being able to run on a treadmill again after a year of not being able to even walk for more than 30 minutes. I look forward to when I can run a half marathon once again. With Athletico’s help and support, I know that day will come soon.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Downtown Milwaukee & Athletico Davenport
Injury: Fractured foot

“A few summers ago, I severely injured my foot after falling from a ladder. I sustained four fractures and a very rare cuboid fracture that doctors were not sure what to do with. This made me very fearful of if I would ever be able to run again. After weeks of bed rest I started attending sessions at Athletico, and my PT was very confident I would get back to it. The process of using my foot again was so scary, especially after the dystrophy of my bones and calf, but the Athletico staff always made it so much less stressful. Now after 6 months of crutches, with a year of PT sessions, I have gotten back to running a few miles every week! The little things are always the most satisfying though; going up and down stairs, jumping and walking the dog. I’m so very thankful for my journey with Athletico!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Riverside
Injury: Arm injury

“The staff at the Riverside location was great. As much as I did not like therapy, they made it easy for me, and my arm is better for going. Thank you all, I certainly will recommend them.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Grafton-Cedarburg
Injury: Hip replacement

“I waited far too long to have my hip replaced. Attending my first PT session six days after surgery, my muscles wanted nothing to do with getting out of their tight and used-to-my severe limp ways. The staff at Athletico got me walking without a limp, and within five weeks I was playing golf, painlessly. Soon I was biking again which was something I hadn’t been able to do for years and I was averaging 18 mph at 60 years old. I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest (yet, anyway), or done anything else that is newsworthy, but the change in my life that the surgery and PT have brought me is just as wonderful as conquering a mountain or winning an ironman. To go from simply miserable to where I am now is nothing short of miraculous and I owe my surgeon and Athletico for a return to normalcy. By the way, I had forgotten that doing kettlebell swings did not have to hurt…”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Waterloo North and Waterloo South
Injury: Posterior tendon injury from bicycle accident

“Following a bicycle accident, I suffered a posterior tendon injury. I was in a boot for over three months and still having some pain. I received excellent care by Athletico and have slowly recovered. I now have much less pain, am feel stronger and my balance is improved. I not only received care, but I received a great deal of information and advice on how to handle my recovery going forward on my own. Thank you so much!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Gladstone
Injury: Bone Spurs

“I was shoveling snow when I slipped and fell down. I felt a pop in my ankle and didn’t think much of it, so I continued my daily routines. After about a year and a half, I went to my doctor who referred me to a foot specialist. I was put into a boot and told to stay off it as much as I could. The pain still did not go away. They did an x-ray and said I had two bone spurs that were causing the pain. My doctor said he was going to send me to physical therapy. I don’t know why they didn’t use this as a first option months earlier. By now I walked with a limp and it was very uncomfortable. I met Eric at the Gladstone facility and after talking for a few minutes, I felt very comfortable with him. Over the next few weeks of massaging, stretching and exercising it slowly became much more tolerable. On my last day, I felt so good. I didn’t think that I would ever walk without pain. Eric was a wonderful physical therapist. He communicated on every treatment step along the way. Eric would always put a personal touch to our visits which I appreciated. He is definitely an asset to Athletico.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Lenexa
Injury: Torn/bulging lumbar discs

“Before I found Athletico and more specifically Jeff, I had seen five other physicians (Orthopedic doctors, and PT’s) for my torn/bulging lumbar discs. I was at my last straw and quite honestly so discouraged because I thought that I was going to have to quit my job (hairstylist), maybe never be able to carry any kids of my own, etc. I agreed to try Athletico per recommendation from an Ortho doctor, and the closest one was in Lenexa, KS off of 87th! So I called and made an appointment. The physical therapist, Jeff, changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but when you’ve had an acute back injury and chronic pain, it can be so hopeless. Jeff is incredibly smart and I started noticing results after my first treatment session with him. I quickly started having more mobility and strength and my pain levels were decreasing. I have since graduated PT, but I go back frequently to say hi and sometimes bring them coffee! I feel forever grateful and blessed to have been a patient at Athletico, Lenexa! I am beyond thankful for Jeff and his knowledge and passion for his work, as well as the treatment plan he made to help me get my life back! Thank you!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Chesterfield, MI
Injury: Heel spur

“I wasn’t sure my physical therapist, Brett, would be able to help me with my heel spur. After all, it had been a problem for six months and I had several different forms of treatment, including physical therapy from another organization. The treatment I received from Brett was multifaceted and thorough. I am writing this review three months after the end of treatment because I wanted to see if the problem would return. It has not. Thanks Brett!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Peoria North

“Before a doctor recommended me to Athletico, I had never heard of it. I am so blessed I was sent here. The moment I walked in the front door, everyone was amazing to me. They were quick to get me in! Jovie is absolutely amazing and made me feel right at home. She has taken the time to thoroughly educate me about the body and everything she is doing. Totally recommend, great experience!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Ottawa
Injury: Shoulder injury from moving

“Most of my experience was at the Ottawa, Illinois location. I relocated from the St. Louis, MO area and having to set up and get in was a breeze. I was seen two days after moving. While being seen there, the staff were all incredibly professional and went out of their way to make sure I received the best care possible. I originally went there for dry needling, but injured my shoulder moving, so that was integrated right in. The staff there is amazing. Top notch!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Valparaiso South
Injury: Torn ACL

“It all started December 21st, 2016. I tore my ACL and had no idea how I would get back onto my feet. Thankfully, I had the most wonderful therapists that encouraged me to keep going and regain my strength. There were many blood, sweat, and tears as this was definitely one of the roughest things I’ve ever went through. Now, thanks to many people who helped support me, I can walk, run, sprint and do almost everything I could before. It feels amazing to have a brand new knee and I am forever grateful to be on the other side, and to be fully recovered. Thank you so much Athletico! This experience has not only strengthened me physically, but my confidence and character as well!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Glen Ellyn
Injury: Arm injury

“The therapist that I had was very good, he helped me move the parts that were unable to move very well, like my right arm.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Twin Lakes
Injury: L4-L5 disc tear

“I tore my L4-L5 disc and I was looking for a non-surgical method of recovery. I spent three months working on that recovery at Athletico in Twin Lakes. Ashley and Cathy helped me achieve my goals and I was able to return to work without restrictions. Thank you, Athletico.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Naperville South 95th Street
Injury: Hip/pelvis surgery – Intralesional excision with allograft, internal Hemipelvectomy

“My story began with our discovery that two types of tumors were destroying the bones in my hip and pelvis. After surgical bone biopsy, I had intralesional excision with allograft mixed with my own bone marrow. In October, we learned the reason I was still in so much pain and not walking well was because the bone grafting completely reabsorbed and I cracked my acetabulum (hip socket) in several places. Since the tumor was too large to use my own bone for grafting and the allograft failed, they decided a rare surgery called an internal Hemipelvectomy would be our best option. It is a radical surgery with years, rather than months for recovery. That is where Bridget came into my life. As soon as I started seeing Bridget, I made slow and steady progress with no setbacks. She did the tissue work and moved the joint while removing the compression so I did not have the severe pain I previously experienced. She helped with range of motion and strength testing for my cortisone injections to the remaining parts of the hip socket and helped me determine that the hip joint itself was still causing pain. I had an MRI showing a Cam and Pincer impingement with a large labral tear. I then had a hip scope to correct those issues. I spent four years on crutches. Bridget never gave up on me and she helped me stay in the present moment and not have anxiety about the future. She always focused on the positive things I had accomplished to keep my spirits up. She even attended my surgery follow up appointment to speak with my surgeon directly about our PT plan. In April of 2020, with all of Bridget’s help, I was able to get off the crutches. In June I got off the cane. I can now walk without a limp because of her special care and spending extra time working with me to fix my gate. I am now walking, even though many said it would never happen. I walked a one and a half mile charity walk over the summer. I have taken walks with friends to view the fall colors. I am just thrilled. I have gained back the ability to do yoga, and to resume some of the strength training I used to do prior to my first surgery. Little by little, I am getting stronger and bringing more of the activities I enjoy back into my life.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories

Lillian (Hedy)

Clinic: Athletico Bellevue

“Stacy is absolutely the best PT I have ever had. She knows exactly, without hesitation, what to add each day without causing more pain going home than when I went in. She is just a sweetheart too! She has a plan and exercises for you to do at home too! I wouldn’t go to anyone else!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico West Des Moines

“Dan and Amy at Athletico helped me get back on my feet, and I’m now able to play with my son and move around with my spouse.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Fox Lake
Injury: Total knee replacement

“I’m 62 years old and in December of 2019, I had a total knee replacement. I did PT in January through February of 2020. My therapist pushed me super hard, and she listened (and backed down a bit) when I told her it was too much and I was in so much pain. I have since put over 900 miles on my bicycle (the longest ride being 18 miles). I also walk five to six times a week, as well as swim 180 lengths a week now! If I hadn’t gotten the great PT I did, I’m not sure I would ever be able to be as active as I am. I am in the best shape of my adult life! I can report my knee is finally straight (that was the last hurdle)!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Dearborn Heights and South City
Injury: Torn labrum in shoulder, hip replacement

“I have had to go through therapy on two separate occasions for two different surgeries. The first one was in 2014 for a torn labrum in my left shoulder. Everyone was top notch, including Jon, and got me through the therapy. The second time was after I had a hip replacement. On top of that, I moved across the country for a new job, so not only was I doing therapy twice a week, I also was starting a new job with a cane, yikes. I pushed through that as well with the help of the staff (shout out to Amir) and gradually got me off of the cane and ultimately walking and returning to normal. This summer, I was able to play multiple rounds of golf with no issues in my hip and am thankful to have gone through it when I did in 2019 as opposed to 2020. To everyone who works for Athletico, you have my utmost respect, especially in the year of COVID-19. Well done, as I am sure it has been difficult to say the least.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Lake Geneva
Injury: Torn meniscus and knee surgery

“In early spring of 2000, I tore the meniscus in my right knee and had surgery in early June. I was told by my knee surgeon that Athletico was a great company to use to do my rehab. He was correct. All of the people that helped me rehab my knee for the almost six weeks were so helpful. Within a few sessions, I was feeling less pain and had very good range of motion in my knee. The people that work at that facility in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin were very knowledgeable and very kind and friendly. Rehabbing a knee surgery, especially at my age of 66, can be painful and difficult, but they made it so that I looked forward to my sessions. When I was finished with my rehabilitation, you would never have known I even had surgery. I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the service they provided me.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Champaign

“I’ve been to Athletico a few times for different issues. I saw Molly for all of it. She was great to work with. She understood my issues and got me back to running.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico South County
Injury: Neck, low back and elbow pain from car accident

“I was in a car accident which caused me to have soreness in my neck, lower back and elbow. Thanks to Kelly, I am feeling so much better than I was on my first visit.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Olivette
Injury: Ankle

“After my ankle injury, I could barely walk. Thanks to the Athletico team, I was able to strengthen my ankle and increase my range of motion. Now I’m back on track with my running! Thank you so much!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Grand Rapids (Knapps Corner)
Injury: Postpartum care

“Cora helped me to adjust to my body postpartum. She helped me to understand how my body changed following childbirth and how I can help to adjust my posture and complete exercises to strengthen me. She was kind and caring, always professional, and offered a listening ear. She adjusted my program as needed and challenged me to grow stronger. I appreciate all of her hard work and diligence.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico East Des Moines
Injury: Broken arm

“I fell down stairs at home and cracked the top of my left arm. It was slow to heal, since I was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. After spending eight weeks in a sling, therapy was needed to regain strength and range of motion for my arm and shoulder. Tanner and Nicole were great to work with. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I improved pretty quickly through the exercises they showed me. So glad to be back to normal now!”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Midtown Lincoln Park
Injury: Back and neck pain from car accident

“I’ve been going past this business for a while and never knew one day that I would need the service. I was in an auto incident and was having neck and back pain. The staff was so friendly and were on top of getting the paperwork together, and I was getting my treatment days later. It’s been three weeks and my back and neck feel awesome, I would recommend Athletico to everyone that needs to get their body back to normal.”

30 anniversary athletico patient stories


Clinic: Athletico Willowbrook North
Injury: Foot injury from running postpartum

“After coming back too quickly to running postpartum, I had all sorts of soft tissue irritation and ended up with a stress reaction in my foot. Melissa helped me identify weaknesses to work on, got me back on track and analyzed my gait for inefficiencies! After COVID-19 hit and I didn’t feel comfortable coming in, she provided me with a couple of workouts to do at home to handle a flare up. Since then, I’ve run a virtual marathon and a 50K and have been pain-free!”

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