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Athletico Physical Therapy Opens in Sterling Heights, Michigan

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Sterling Heights, MI. —Athletico’s newest location will open in the community of Sterling Heights, Michigan at 38093 Mound Road. Proud to combine with Accelerated Physical Therapy, Athletico is excited to continue their quality of care throughout the state of Michigan.

“I am most looking forward to being the leader of a team that will impact the Sterling Heights community in a positive way,” Facility Manager, Eliot Woolford, PT, AT/L, said. “There is no better feeling than being able to return people back to the things they love to do.”

Services available at Athletico Sterling Heights include:

  • Athletic Training & Sports Medicine – Athletico strives to provide the highest level of service to those we offer athletic training to. Each year we work with hundreds of teams and special events throughout the communities we serve. Our company and dynamic staff take an active role in building better relationships for all our onsite presences.
  • Work Comp – We work to develop a training protocol for the long-term success of work comp and safety programs by training, equipping, and supporting allied health and safety professionals.
  • Astym® – The Astym® system is an evidence-based, non-invasive rehabilitation program that stimulates the body’s regenerative healing process. The goal of Astym® treatment is to encourage the body’s healing response by helping to rejuvenate muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Golf Rehabilitation – Athletico continually strives to offer the most advanced and effective golf services to positively impact the golf community. Our staff utilizes their expertise in golf fitness and rehabilitation to attend to injured golfers, keep active players active, and work to prevent any future injuries.
  • Complimentary injury screenings – A 30-minute free assessment performed by a licensed clinician who can review an injury or problem to your musculoskeletal complaint, as well as, assess movement impairments and discuss how this is affecting activities of daily living. Please note, restrictions apply. To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary injury screening, visit or email

Additionally, Athletico Sterling Heights will provide:

  • Convenient hours include early mornings, and evenings.
  • Prompt scheduling of each initial evaluation within 24-48 hours of the patient’s phone call or online request.
  • Ongoing patient education on diagnosis, treatment plans and prescribed home-exercise programs.
  • Clear, consistent communication between therapist, physician and patient regarding progress.
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