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Stretch of the Week: High Lunge with Psoas Emphasis

Posted on by Athletico

Week 3 of May might look a little familiar to you if you’ve been with the stretch of the week blog from the beginning. It’s called High Lunge. In this variation we are focusing on getting a deeper stretch through the psoas though. So it’s different I promise! 馃檪

You will need two yoga blocks or something similar, and a wall for this stretch.聽 (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Low Lunge or High Lunge

Posted on by Athletico

Week 3 of our quad stretches is low or high lunge, depending on your comfort level. I know, you’re going to say, “But Rachel this is almost the same stretch as last week, King Arthur!” I assure it is not 馃槈 The benefits of this stretch are; it stretches all the hip flexors, (psoas, quadriceps, etc), stretches into the abdominal muscles and up into the chest. It’s a deeper, whole front body stretch as opposed to King Arthur targeting more the quad. I don’t advise this stretch for people with knee injuries. (more…)

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