5 Tips to Prepare for Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

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Prior to scheduling surgery, many patients focus on how big things in their life will be impacted, including how much time will need to be taken off work as well as arrangements for childcare and/or pet care. Although these are important considerations, patients should also take time to think about how smaller parts of their daily life will be impacted post-surgery.

5 Tips to Prepare for Hip Arthroscopy SurgeryHip arthroscopic surgery, for example, is a surgery that requires extensive rehabilitation. This surgery is recommended by a physician for a variety of hip conditions, including hip pain, labral tears, hip impingement and more. Patients who undergo hip arthroscopic surgery typically need to be on crutches for a minimum of three weeks, are not able to lift their surgical leg un-assisted, can only sit for 30 minutes at a time and are required to sleep in boots that keep their hips neutral. Since these limitations can have a big impact on daily life, patients should make a recovery plan prior to scheduling their surgery. Here are a few things to consider when preparing for the post-hip arthroscopic surgery recovery process:

1. Make arrangements with a caregiver.

A caregiver is needed post-surgery to assist with getting the patient in and out of recovery equipment, including continuous passive movement machines and sleeping boots. Since patients are required to use crutches post-surgery, caregivers are also needed to carry items for patients. Lastly, the patient’s physical therapist will provide caretakers with daily homework to help patients with their recovery, including passive range of motion exercises for the operative leg.

2. Schedule a post-operative physical therapy appointment in advance.

Patients typically begin physical therapy the day after surgery, so it is beneficial to have this appointment scheduled ahead of time. The physical therapist may review walking, range of motion precautions, brace application, caregiver instructions and initial exercises to be performed at this appointment. Patients may begin biking on an upright stationary bike at this appointment.

3. Consider purchasing items to make the recovery process easier.

There are a variety of items that patients can purchase to make the recovery process more comfortable post-hip arthroscopic surgery, including a leg lifter, an elevated toilet seat, a shower chair, a backpack to hold items while on crutches and a water bottle.

4. Prepare post-operative attire.

Since mobility is limited post-surgery, patients should prepare ahead of time by finding some slip-on shoes and loose fitting pants. Slip-on shoes are important because patients are not able to bend forward post-surgery, while loose fitting pants will help patients stay comfortable while their surgical hip is swollen.

5. Read over the surgical rehabilitation protocol.

Patients should read over any surgical rehabilitation information provided by their physician prior to surgery. This is important so that patient knows what to expect and so they can ask questions when.

Recovery Takes Time

Although the post-hip arthroscopic surgery recovery process takes time, the aforementioned tips can help patients prepare ahead of time to make the rehabilitation go as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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