Direct Access

Direct access is available at all Athletico Physical Therapy locations in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Physical Therapy at Athletico on Bicycle

If you are having aches or pains request an appointment at your closest Athletico to begin treatment immediately. This allows you to start your treatment without obtaining a prescription. Click here to find your nearest Athletico location, and to schedule a comprehensive initial evaluation today. By taking advantage of the direct access to Physical Therapy in your state, you are able to begin treatment right away and be one step closer to living pain free.

Over the course of treatment, goals are outlined to ensure the needs of the patient are fulfilled during each physical therapy session and to keep you on track to reach your desired outcome.

Please note that each patient experience and goals are different.  With direct access to physical therapy, some initial evaluations lead to outside referrals to another healthcare professional, ensuring the patient’s healthcare needs are met.

Quality Physical Therapy with a Referral to Physicians

Direct access to physical therapy does not eliminate the need for a follow up visit with a physician.  Rather, it provides patients with an immediate physical therapy treatment option.

Many treatment plans, include a physician follow up. We have strong relationships with physicians and ensure that each patient is sent to the appropriate physician and/or specialist to schedule an appointment.  Once again, ensuring that a patient’s quality care continues and open communication occurs between patient, physical therapist, and physician.

Direct access rules vary by state

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