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Stretch of the Week: Lateral Neck Stretch

by Athletico1 Comment

For the month of June we will address our cervical vertebrae! There will be five weeks in June so I will be giving you some self massage techniques for the neck too, yay! As always if you have injuries please be cautious and only do what feels good. If you have stiffness in the neck these will be great ones for you! 

The first week is a lateral neck stretch and you will not need any props for this one.

How to do the Lateral Neck Stretch:

  1. Take a seat on the floor or in a chair. Make sure where ever you are at, you are sitting up tall with a straight spine. Keep your gaze forward and place your right hand just above your left ear, near the temple as shown in photo 1. Then extend the left arm out to the side, keeping hand, elbow, and shoulder in a straight line. lateral neck stretch physical therapy
  1. Begin to tilt the right ear toward the right shoulder. Assist the tilt ever so gently with the right hand by pulling the head towards the shoulder. Don’t put a lot of pressure here, just gently assist the head to the side. Then reach the left arm out to the left, reach all the way through the finger tips.
  1. Keep the tilt of the head and the reach through arm and VERY slowly start to reach the left arm towards the floor, as shown in photos 2-4. Try to keep your gaze forward throughout the stretch. The more you reach through the finger tips the more intense the stretch. Take your time lowering your arm, until you eventually reach the floor.
  1. Aim for at least 3-5 breaths as you lower the arm from start to finish. You can stay longer once your hand touches the floor as well. Don’t forget the other side!
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1 Comment

  1. Samuel

    Els says:October 17, 2012 at 3:33 pmHello Dr Steve,Hello Dr. Steve,I write you from Belgium! I am Flemish speaking so my English is not pceerft!I am a 60 year old physiotherapist (just retired)who worked 33 years with lost of engagement for 10 years in the Intensive Care Unit and than in the Geriatric department.I enjoy watching your videos on my iPad: your enthusiasm and the way you like to share your knowledge over the Internet, your way of working with people ( to learn them how to exercise on their own, less depending from a therapist). I learn from you and I feel confirmed in the way I think myself and practice. My husband has Parkinson’s disease diagnosed since already 8 years and fairly well under control with the medication. We exercise together( not sufficiently!) and I focus and insist on his posture ! I want to keep him straight! I hope this is possible!Thank You for sending me your video’s they give often a boost and a reminder!Greetings from another continent!ElsReply

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