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Stretch of the Week: Rabbit Pose

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The final week of June brings us to a yoga posture called Rabbit pose. Please proceed with caution if you have neck issues.

You will not need anything for this stretch.

How to do the Rabbit Pose:

1. Kneel on the floor, hips to heels. Tuck the chin towards the chest as tightly as you can. Exhale, bring the chest to the thighs, and then place the crown of the head (or as close to it as you can get) on the floor. The Set up position is shown in the top photo.

 Tip 1: if you don’t know where the crown of the head is, take a book and place it on your head. Where it balances is the crown.

2. From this position reach back for the heels with the hands. Inhale, keeping the head on the floor, lift the hips up slowly until they are inline with the knees. This position is shown in the bottom photo. You will feel a stretch through the back of the neck, the upper back,  and in the arms some. Hold back some of your weight through the arms so as to not let all of your weight on the head!

 rabbit pose    

Do not end up on your forehead. That will cause too much compression in the spine.

wrong - rabbit pose

Tip 2: if you can not get on the crown of your head once in position then do this instead; sit back on the heels, interlace the fingers, then place the clasped hands on the back of the head. Keep the spine tall as you Tilt the chin towards the chest. Gently assist this movement by pressing your hands into the back of the head. You will still get the same stretch as above, just not as intensely.

3. Stay here for 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.

See you next month!

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