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Stretch of the Week: Revolved Triangle

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I can’t believe it’s the final week of July already! This weeks stretch is a yoga posture called Revolved Triangle. It is a great upper body twist as well as a stretch for the Lateral side of the leg.

You will need some wall space as well as a yoga block (or something similar) for this stretch. Contraindications for this stretch are if you’re experiencing any of the following; Low blood pressure, Migraine, Diarrhea, Headache, and Insomnia please don’t do the stretch.

How to:

1. Stand with the right hip next to the wall. Take the right leg back about 2-3 feet, then rotate the right foot out about 15 degrees. The left and right heels should be in line. The left foot stays facing forward. Place the block on the inside of the left foots arch. Refer to photo mark 1.

2. Squeeze the inner thighs together, this is an isometric action and will help stabilize the stance. Push the ball mound of the front foot into the floor as you push the back heel into the floor, again for stabilization. Once your stable, place the left hand on the hip and exhale as you reach the right hand to the block, folding about half way down. The hips are pointed forward here. Refer to photo 2.

3. Bring the belly button to the spine, this engages the abdominals, and on the exhale start to twist the upper body to the left. Keep squeezing the thighs, and pushing the feet into the floor otherwise you might lose your balance. Try to get the shoulder blades to touch the wall, big twist here! Finally, turn the gaze to the horizon. Refer to photo marked 3.

4. By now you should start to feel the stretch in the outside of the front leg. The more you twist, the more you’ll feel it. You can straighten the arm and look up to the sky once you are completely twisted and stable. Keep the abdominals engaged throughout the entire process!! Refer to photo marked 4.

Revolved Triangle

Tip: if you aren’t feeling much stretch in the leg you can take the block and set it to the outside of the left foot. This brings you deeper into the twist. 

5. If the back heel is coming up, you need to shorten the stance an inch or so by bringing the back foot forward. Keep the legs straight otherwise you won’t feel the stretch. Don’t let the upper body collapse forward either. You don’t want to look like the photo marked, NO.

Revolved Triangle - no

6. Stay here for 8 full breath cycles. Then turn around and repeat on the other side!


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