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Stretch of the Week: Revolved Head of the Knee

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Welcome back for week two of February! This weekly inner thigh stretch is called Revolved Head of the Knee. It simultaneously targets the inner thigh musculature in both straight and bent leg positions. In addition, this exercise also stretches the side of the body.

To perform this stretch, you will need wall space. In addition, you may also need a strap or belt and folded blankets or towels for the exercise modifications. If you have a history of knee or low back pain, this may not be the exercise for you. As with beginning any exercise routine, it is recommended to contact your physician, physical or occupational therapist.

Starting Position:

  1. Sit on the floor, facing away from your wall space with your back resting against the wall, legs positioned straight in front of you. If you are having trouble sitting up straight, take a small folded towel or blanket and place it underneath you, sitting just along the edge. This will help you sit up taller to minimize any slouching.
  1. Spread apart the legs as wide as you can. Next, bend the left leg at the knee and bring the sole of the foot towards the inner thigh. Legs should continue to remain in the wide position even with the bent knee. The right toes and knee will point to the ceiling. Press through the heel of the straight leg to keep the muscles engaged.

Performing the Stretch:

  1. Inhale slowly to make the spine longer and sit up taller. On the exhale, begin to bring the right hand towards the right foot while keeping the shoulders and back along the wall as you slide your upper body to the right. This will facilitate a side stretch along the left ribcage. Keep pressing through the right heel to get a stretch along the inside and back of your right thigh.
  1. Once you have a hold of your foot, raise the left arm up by the left ear. Keep the shoulder relaxed and away from the ear. Try to lengthen through the right side by maintaining good posture to decrease any discomfort. Press the outer left thigh to the floor to help stretch the inner thigh of the bent leg. This variation is shown in the top photo below marked correct.
  1. If you can’t quite reach the foot, or the left knee is really popping up away from the floor, here are some modifications:
  • Use a strap to place around the right foot.
  • Place a folded blanket under the bent knee/outer thigh to help support the leg.

Keep all the same actions listed above with this modification. The photo marked modified demonstrates the correct strap and blanket placement.

  1. Stay here for 8-10 breaths. Repeat on the other side. Enjoy!

Week 2

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