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ACL 3P: Prevention

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Athletes in every sport take measures to reduce their risk of getting an injury. Soccer players wear shin guards to protect their shins, weight lifters activate targeted muscles with light weights before moving onto heavier loads, and sprinters warm up their muscles by progressively increasing their speed. You didn’t need to read this blog to know any of that, but it sets up an important idea. Proper preparation can reduce the chance of an unwanted injury.

ACL 3P - InjuryA knee injury is definitely an unwanted outcome for any athlete and research has shown that proper preparation can help to reduce the chance of that happening. At Athletico, we have started rolling out our ACL 3P program in an effort to reduce the number of knee injuries in sports and improve the outcomes for athletes that unfortunately incur injury. 3P stands for Prevention, Progression, and Performance – each “P” a different facet of the program. Prevention is the first P, followed by progression and performance. More information will be provided for the other “P’s” on the Athletico blog.

Prevention in the 3P program begins with screening to identify potential injury risk factors that can be corrected. These screens consist of going through a few sport-specific motions to look for movement patterns that Athletico specialists know increase the risk of an ACL injury. The screens can be done individually at any Athletico Physical Therapy location or as part of a team screening. The screen helps us to identify if an athlete is at low, moderate, or high risk for a knee injury. Once a moderate or high risk athlete has been identified, athletes work with an Athletico ACL3P Specialist to put together an individualized program to help address any risk factors discovered.

ACL 3P’s prevention screening is a great opportunity to determine your ACL injury risk factor and address any deficits you and/or your athletes may have. If you are interested in a complimentary injury screening, at a nearby Athletico click the button below, or visit for more information.

Click to Schedule a Complimentary Injury Screen

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