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Stretch of the Week: Tricep and Lat Wall Stretch

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We are at the half way point for November! Week three is a Tricep and Lat Wall Stretch with the foam roller. You will also get a massage on the underside of the arms with this stretch.

You will need a foam roller and some wall space for this stretch. Don’t have a foam roller? Purchase one at one of Athletico’s 350 clinic locations! It is a very useful and affordable tool. Please do not perform this stretch if you have any shoulder injuries.

How to perform:

  1. Place the foam roller horizontally on the wall at chest height as shown in step one. Make sure your feet are under your hips.
  1. Take one step toward the wall as shown in photo two. Keep your arms straight with your palms facing each other. The roller will roll slightly up the wall and also down under your forearms. As always, draw your belly button in toward the spine.
  1. Step the other foot in toward the wall and roll the foam roller up higher as shown in photo three. This will massage under the arms, as well as stretch the triceps and lat muscles on both sides. Keep your feet together, and belly pressed to your spine so the low back doesn’t arch too deeply as shown in the ‘No’ photo.
  • Can’t step this close to the wall? Get as close as the range of motion in the shoulders will allow you.
  1. You can step back and forward 10 times to massage the arms. Stay as close as you can to the wall for the stretch and hold for one minute.

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