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Stretch of the Week: Tricep and Lat Wall Stretch

Posted on by Athletico

We are at the half way point for November! Week three is a Tricep and Lat Wall Stretch with the foam roller. You will also get a massage on the underside of the arms with this stretch.


Stretch of the Week: Thread the Needle

Posted on by Athletico

In week two of March we are doing a twist called thread the needle. Maybe you have heard of this stretch before? If not, it’s a nice gentle yet effective one you should definitely try! This stretch has the same benefits as last week’s stretch, but we get a little bit more into feeling this in the lateral body, or the sides of the body. (more…)

Stretch of the Week: Shoulder Stretch

Posted on by Athletico

Week 3! How are your shoulders feeling? Are you stretching daily? Couple times a week? Keep it up! This weeks shoulder stretch will take you through the shoulder’s range of motion from front to back. Again, this is a pretty straight forward stretch. I don’t recommend this stretch for people that have any shoulder injuries where it hurts to bring the arms above the head. (more…)

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