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Stretch of the Week: Half Fold Traction

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Welcome to September’s weekly stretch blog. In the three years since this blog started, we have done most every stretch imaginable. This includes everything but the kitchen sink – until now. That’s right, this month’s stretches will focus on using the kitchen sink! Why you might ask? The kitchen sink provides stability, as well as traction for these stretches. Using props is a great way to facilitate optimal stretch!

Before attempting these stretches please make sure that your kitchen sink is securely fastened to the wall.

September’s first stretch is called Half Fold Traction. It will stretch the muscles on the backside of your body. Especially the low back, glutes and hamstring muscles. It will also stretch the muscles that attach from your armpit down along the sides of your body.

If you have any shoulder, low back or hamstring issues, please consult your physician before performing.

How to perform:

1. Stand a foot in front of your kitchen sink. Place your hands at the edge of the sink. Grab onto the sink as shown in the photo marked “Step 1.”

2. Begin to take a small step backward so that you can start to fold at the hips. Step back until your arms are straight and your feet are directly under your hips, as shown in photo marked “Step 2.” You are attempting to have a 90 degree angle in your body from fingertips to hips, and hips to feet.

3. To add more of a traction feeling, lean back slightly while still gripping onto the sink. Do not put all your weight into this, just enough so you can feel a pulling action in the muscles. Pull your belly button to your spine so your upper body doesn’t sag toward the floor. Imagine you’re squeezing apples under your armpits so that you don’t hang in the shoulder joint. Keep your feet no more than hip distance apart, toes pointing forward.

4. Stay in this position for 30 seconds then walk forward to come up. You can repeat this stretch up to five times.


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