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Stretch of the Week: Sumo Squat Stretch

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For the second week of November, we will be performing a Sumo Squat Stretch. This stretch is also referred to as a Goddess Squat in the yoga world. You will feel this stretch in your groin and inner thigh muscles. It’s also a strengthening position for your Glutes and Quad muscles!

Please consult your physician before performing if you have any knee or low back problems.

How to preform:

  1. Step your feet wider than shoulder distance as shown in photo 1.
  1. Turn your toes out roughly 45 degrees as shown in photo 2.
  1. Squat down. You are aiming to go as low as you can until your ankles, knees, and hips make a 90 degree angle as shown in photo 3. However, it is important that you only go as far as you feel a comfortable stretch in your knee, thighs and groin. Place your hands on the insides of your knees and press the backs of your hands into your legs to assist in the opening effect of the stretch. Do not allow your knees to collapse inward, as this will put too much stress on your knee joint. Your knees and toes will point in the same direction. As always, draw the belly button to the spine, and sit up tall and straight in your torso.
  1. You can bend and straighten your legs five times and then hold the stretch in the deep squat for 30 seconds to a full minute. You can repeat this for three repetitions. Then stand back up and point your toes forward. Heel toe your feet back together.

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