4 signs you could benefit from physical therapy

4 Signs you Could Benefit from PT

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Physical therapy (PT) is a great treatment option for people with all sorts of ailments. In this blog, we will dive into four signs you could benefit from physical therapy treatment.

Physical therapy treatment is made up of four primary components: therapeutic exercise, functional activities, neuromuscular re-education, and manual therapy. Therapeutic exercise refers to exercises designed to help address a physical problem or ailment. Functional activities are interventions that cater more to your daily activities. Getting up from a chair, walking a long distance at work or getting in and out of your car, to name a few. Neuromuscular re-education references the connection between the brain and nerves to tell the body what to do and how to do it. Finally, manual therapy is a “hands-on” treatment like deep tissue mobilization, passive range of motion, or mobilization of a joint.

Four signs you could benefit from physical therapy are pain, reduced mobility, reduced strength and reduced functional level. Let’s take a look at the four signs in greater detail.

1. Pain

Pain is often associated with some traumatic injury. While this does happen often, pain can develop even when an injury didn’t occur. In either case, a comprehensive physical therapy plan can help reduce pain and improve quality of life.

2. Reduced Mobility (range of motion)

The joints of the body are all designed to move in certain ways. When range of motion of a joint is restricted, it can lead to pain and reduced function. Physical therapy can help improve range of motion which can help improve function as well.

3. Reduced Strength

If a weak shoulder limits your ability to reach an overhead shelf to put away the dishes, physical therapy may help your shoulder become stronger. Reduced strength can also be tied to reduced range of motion and pain.

4. Reduced Overall Function

Reduced function is often tied to pain, mobility restriction or strength restriction but sometimes can occur on its own. Physical therapy can help restore your functional level to help you do what you love again.

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