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Common Men's Health Concerns A Physical Therapist Can Treat

Common Men’s Health Concerns A Physical Therapist Can Treat

by Nate Mancillas, PT, DPT, MS CSCSLeave a Comment

As a men’s health physical therapist, I am often asked “What exactly do you treat?” I typically have to think of a response because in actuality, there is no easy answer; men’s health physical therapy is a resource that can address a wide range of issues. From pain management to mobility enhancement, it’s a holistic approach that can help you lead a healthier, happier life. Here are a few ways that we often help our patients.

Pain Management

Do you find yourself struggling with back pain, joint discomfort, or muscle stiffness? Men’s health physical therapy can provide relief by addressing the root causes of these issues. Therapy uses a variety of techniques, including manual therapy and targeted exercises, to alleviate pain and improve overall comfort1.

Improved Mobility

Maintaining flexibility and mobility is crucial for an active and fulfilling life. Physical therapy can help restore and enhance your range of motion, allowing you to move freely without restrictions. This is especially valuable as we age, helping to prevent injuries and maintain an active lifestyle2.

Post-Op Rehabilitation

If you’ve undergone surgery, physical therapy is a vital part of your recovery process. Whether it’s a knee replacement, a rotator cuff repair, prostatectomy, or any other procedure, therapy aids in regaining strength and functionality. It ensures a smoother and quicker recovery, getting you back to your daily routine sooner3.

Pelvic Health

Men’s health physical therapy also covers sensitive topics like pelvic health. Conditions like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence can be addressed through targeted exercises and therapeutic interventions. These therapies provide a non-invasive approach to improving your quality of life4.

Heart Health

Physical therapy can also play a role in maintaining heart health. Exercise programs tailored to your specific needs can reduce the risk of heart disease and improve cardiovascular function.

Our bodies function best when we engage all facets of wellness, and this includes a healthy heart5.

Men’s health physical therapy is about more than just recovery; it’s about ensuring a high quality of life. Whether you’re dealing with pain, mobility issues, post-surgery rehabilitation, or even pelvic health concerns, physical therapy can be an essential part of your routine. It’s an essential tool for any man looking to live a healthier and more active life.

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About the Author:
Nate Mancillas is a physical therapist with Athletico specializing in Men's Health physical therapy. He has helped many patients improve their lives with his knowledge of pain science, pelvic health, and many other conditions.

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