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Management Service Agreements (MSA)

Need help managing your physical therapy business?
Athletico can help!

Athletico MSA managed service agreementFor over 25 years, we have found that while many physicians open physical therapy practices with the best of intentions, lack of time, resources and expertise often lead to less than optimal patient satisfaction and outcomes along with less than satisfactory financial results. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Whether you already have a physical or occupational/hand therapy operation or are thinking about starting one, Athletico can provide the management solution that you need for a worry-free and successful therapy practice.

Over the years, we have applied our service philosophy and operating model to help physicians achieve excellent patient outcomes and financial results with their own physical and occupational/hand therapy practices. From small, solo physician practices to large, multi-disciplinary physician groups, Athletico is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create a high-quality, productive and efficient therapy operation.

Our business is based upon a commitment to patient satisfaction, accountability, continuous improvement and teamwork. These values are engrained within our culture and support our continued growthcorevalues

Since 1998, Athletico has successfully managed both start-up and existing physical therapy practices. Our operating model relies on rehab-specific metrics measured by service, quality of care and productivity.

  • Specific profitability and growth targets
  • We provide value to your practice via superior patient outcomes and clinical productivity
  • Our fee structure is aligned with management time, effort and resources
  • We believe in full transparency so MSA partners know exactly what they are paying for


infastructureInfrastructure of leading physical therapy company to support you

partnerofchoice   MSA Partner of Choice to leading providers

engagementNationwide employee recruiting, on-boarding, training & support for staff


“We decided to partner with Athletico for our therapy services because of their commitment to providing the best possible patient care. We are happy to say that this commitment is still at the forefront of their business 14 years later. Their patient-first approach leads to excellent outcomes for our patients, which is essential to our reputation and continued success. As a result of our partnership with Athletico, we have increased our patient visits from 4,500 in the first full year of our relationship to more than 50,000 visits in 2016. During this time, we have had the same Athletico Director, who has ensured that we provide the best possible therapy with the most talented therapists.”
– Dennis Viellieu, Former CEO, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

We understand that managing a therapy practice can be difficult and time consuming. As you determine your goals for selecting a partner, whether it is improving financial performance, enhancing physical therapy outcomes or creating better operational efficiency, we’d love to hear from you.

Find an Athletico.