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Physicians, Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners

Our patient-focused approach to Physical Therapy allows us to deliver industry leading treatment leveraging our expertise, clinical programs and services. With a strong history of medical professional collaboration, we are the premier physical therapy provider for your patients with convenient locations close to work and home. We look forward to earning the opportunity to treat your patients.
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  • Physical Therapy for Pain

    At Athletico, our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible care. Care focused on individualized treatments and the education needed to move patients from a state of pain and dysfunction, to one of empowerment. Referring a patient to physical therapy for pain minimizes their risk of opioid addiction and overdose, and decreases the need for injections, surgery and advanced imaging. Join the movement. Prescribe physical therapy first.
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  • A Joint Letter to MedPAC on PT Reimbursement

    The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission’s proposal to Congress to reform payment for  ambulatory evaluation and management services includes recommendations that would reduce the value of physical therapy services. These recommendations would negatively impact the physical therapy profession and clinical outcomes, as well as increase the cost of care for thousands of Americans every day. The American Physical Therapy Association, Private Practice Section, and Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation have come together to provide comments on this proposal, and are committed to working with the Commission to improve the quality of life for Medicare beneficiaries.
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Workers’ Compensation

Athletico delivers comprehensive, convenient and customized Workers’ Compensation services focused on the patient. We offer programs that reduce cost, promote wellness, treat on the job injuries when they occur and return workers to their jobs with minimal risk for future injuries. We are there every step of the way to deliver cost-effective and efficient care focused on optimized patient outcomes.
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Specialized Services and Clinical Programs

Our clinicians have advanced training and specializations, which gives them the expertise to treat all parts of the body. Whether your patients are trying to get back to everyday life, their job or a sport – we can help them reach their goals.
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Provider Partnerships

Whether you own a physical therapy practice or are part of larger healthcare system with physical therapy services, let’s talk. We can help you build your business and expand your treatment options. By establishing a strong partnership with us we can help you focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.

We prioritize:
• Superior clinical care at affordable prices
• A highly regarded compliance program to reduce operational risk
• A growing platform with capital to help you achieve your goals

At the foundation of our business, you’ll find a commitment to patient satisfaction, affordable care, accountability, continuous improvement and teamwork. These values are central to our culture and support our continued growth.

  • Opportunities For Private Practice Owners

    We look for like-minded physical therapy practice owners to join our group. Get in touch with us to learn how we help many other practitioners expand their healthcare practices.
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  • Management Service Agreements

    We know how to help your business. We have successfully managed startup and existing physical therapy practices since 1998. Our model relies on rehab-specific metrics based on service, quality of care and productivity. Whether you already have an established physical, occupational or hand therapy practice or if you’re thinking about starting one, we can provide the management solution you need for a worry-free and successful operation.
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  • Hospitals and Health System Partners

    No matter your size, we’ve got you covered. From small, single physician practices to large, multidisciplinary physician groups, we can help expand your resources and provide more exceptional care for your patients. Our partnership model relies upon a clinically-integrated platform to create enhanced, flexible access to treatment, which adds value for your patients and your organization.
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