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Telehealth Testimonials

Athletico Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing safe, affordable and effective rehabilitation services to all of our patients. We are proud to offer telehealth virtual treatment options where patients can connect with a trusted medical expert through a secure online video chat. Patients tell their story best and we wanted to share their successful telehealth experiences. Read more below:

“Being able to continue physical therapy from my home has been a great option during our current COVID 19 Pandemic. The telehealth therapy keeps my treatment on track, and allows me to maintain a safety level I feel comfortable with.” – Tammy | Athletico Bartlett
“I have been able to do all my PT through zoom, It’s almost like being in the clinic. My PT, Abby, is able to answer all my questions and work through any issues I am having. She is able to show me exactly what exercises I am to do and is able to make sure I am using the correct form. My exercises are always fresh and Abby has created many of my exercises to use with the equipment I already own. I am grateful to be able to continue my physical therapy.” – Colleen | Athletico Elmhurst
“Telehealth sessions work great. The process is easy, and knowing I can do PT through an app at home puts my mind at ease and keeps my focus on getting better after surgery. PT Leython is helpful and stays positive and I appreciate his understanding of my concerns. Thank you for having the telehealth option!” – Amy | Athletico Royal Oak
“My experience using Zoom for my PT session went smooth. I received a clear feed with clear explanations on my new exercises. It was also nice having that pure one on one interaction with Cole, so no distractions to slow the process. Thank you for having this option during this crazy time!” – Jeremy | Athletico Phoenix
“Our remote therapy sessions during the covid-19 lockdown provided continuous healing for my injured ankle. The sessions were handled by an experienced PT. The materials needed were assigned beforehand and my therapist guided me through each exercise such that no time was wasted.” – Maria | Athletico Lincoln Park East
“Setting Zoom up on my computer was simple. Doing at home was a plus as I can hardly move with a bad knee. Seeing the therapist on the laptop and copying what she was showing me worked just fine. She could see me and advise me. It was great!” – Diane | Athletico Lansing, MI
“Having a telehealth option during a health crisis is wonderful. I can keep doing my P.T. and focus on healing while staying safely at home.” – Lisa | Athletico Decatur
“My experience with Telehealth has been absolutely wonderful! And truly useful! It makes me feel so much better and also so much more safe in these times of crisis. I just wish that my therapist (and every other therapist) could do all of her appointments this way in order to maintain her health as well… as it is just as good as having her here with me but in the safety of my own home! I highly recommend Telehealth to literally everyone even thinking about trying it, especially since insurance covers it 100% and it truly helps so so much!” – Melissa | Athletico Winnetka
“I’ve been working with Paul since my foot surgery in December. I want to get back to training for the Chicago Marathon. Needless to say that this pandemic certainly put things with physical therapy in question. Certainly doing video pt has some limits but it wasn’t easy to tell while going through it. We were able to do a lot more than I thought at home. This is certainly a great option.” – Steve | Athletico Mount Prospect
“My telemedicine appointment was super easy and allowed me to continue to make progress toward my goals. My therapist was able to demonstrate things for me, guide me through a plan to fit my needs, and talk through any challenges I was facing. I was able to get the one on one attention I’d get in the clinic right from the comfort of my home!” – Jackie | Athletico Grayslake
“Logging into the telehealth zoom session was quick and easy. Allison is always so energetic and has home-friendly work-outs. She demonstrates each action step-by-step.” – Melissa | Athletico Des Plaines
“My telemed experience was great. The session moved along, the therapist was able to make corrections to positions of new stretches and exercises. The video and audio quality was fine. This is a real convenience and saves time commuting which can be used at home for post-session ice!” – Pete | Athletico LaGrange Park
“Because of my age it put me in the high risk category for Covid and that made me very nervous about coming into the facility for therapy, so when I was offered this option, I jumped on it. So far it has been a great experience using zoom and Dr. Rob has been able to show me and watch me do the exercises. I am incredibly grateful that this was made available to me.” – Dot | Athletico in Sioux Falls, SD
“In these crazy times with the fear of Corona Virus rampant, I was excited to have the opportunity to continue my therapy in the safety of my home. Matt is awesome and he takes the time to patiently explain and demonstrate the exercises necessary for the healing and improvement of my conditions.” – Debbie | Athletico Pickerington, OH
“I found the process and platform be user-friendly. Alex did a great job running the session providing easy-to-follow directions, demonstrating the exercises, checking-in often regarding pain level, and answering questions. I recommend this as the next best thing to in-person PT.” – Matt | Athletico Lake Forest

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