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Tendonitis, simply put, is inflammation of the tendon. A tendon is what connects muscles to bone, and it typically crosses a joint. Overuse of the joint or muscle causes inflammation of the tendon. Tendonitis is very common in the wrist and hand. Tendonitis of specific tendon(s) can have different names (i.e. DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, Intersection syndrome, finger tendonitis), but treatment is generally the same.

Tendonitis is generally treated with anti-inflammatories to reduce pain and swelling as well as by immobilizing the joints the tendon crosses. Occupational therapy may be prescribed to use thermal or electrical modalities to decrease pain and inflammation, for custom splint fabrication, to learn exercises and stretches to restore muscle and tendon flexibility, and to strengthen the wrist and hand to resume normal use. Your workstation and daily activities may need to be modified to prevent further injury and overuse.

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