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Stretch of the Week: Eagle Legs

Posted on by Athletico

For the 3rd week of April we will review an internal hip rotation movement that will also help to build stability and balance.

This exercise is called Eagle Legs in the yoga world.

You will need a sturdy chair for this stretch. 

If you have a history of hip or knee injuries (pain, impingement), hip replacements, have difficulty balancing or have a history of falls, it is not recommended to perform this exercise. As with beginning any exercise program, it is recommended that you contact your physician, physical or occupational therapist to determine what is best for you.


Stretch of the Week: Windshield Wiper Stretch

Posted on by Athletico

For the month of April we will be exploring internal rotation of the hip.

There are many muscles in the hip region that contribute to rotating the hip inward. Each week I will give you a stretch that will address these muscles in some way.


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