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Q&A: National Physical Therapy Month

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Every October we celebrate National Physical Therapy Month as a way to recognize the industry and the positive impact physical therapy has on people’s lives.

We reached out to Athletico’s Founder and President Mark Kaufman to get some insight into the physical therapy industry, including how it has changed since Athletico was founded and where it is heading in the next five years. Discover Mark’s insights by checking out the Q&A below:


1: Why is it important to bring awareness to the physical therapy industry by designating a specific month to it?

Mark Kaufman (MK): Physical therapists are key members of the health care team. I believe when physical therapists get their hands on the patient early in the healthcare spectrum of care, the outcomes are enhanced and the costs are better controlled. There are thousands of physical therapists in this country who are focused on the betterment of the patient, the return to function and quality of life, and have committed their professional careers to this noble effort.

2: How has the physical therapy industry changed since you opened the first Athletico?

MK: The industry has become more specialized where physical therapists focus on a more limited population vs. a general one. The practice of physical therapy has become more evidenced-based and the outcomes have been enhanced by modern physical therapy techniques and research, as well as the orthopedic and sports medicine fields. The demands (e.g. documentation, compliance, administrative, etc.) are more than ever, which allows for better quality of care for patients.

3: How do you anticipate the physical therapy industry changing over the next five years?

MK: It will evolve but I am not sure it will change dramatically. The most important interface is that between the patient and the physical therapist and as I said earlier, the sooner this happens in the healthcare continuum of care, the better for the patient.

4: What advice would you give to a high school graduate interested in getting into the physical therapy industry?

MK: Spend time shadowing a physical therapist in a variety of settings to determine if the feel of the job and the work is the right career choice for you!

5: What are three general health tips that you live by?

MK: Work hard, do the right thing, give more than you get.

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