Athletico Physical Therapy Opens First Michigan Clinic

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Athletico’s newest location will provide residents of Eaton Rapids with quality care and rehabilitation. With recent business growth, Athletico Physical Therapy looks forward to new opportunities in the state of Michigan, beginning in the Eaton Rapids community. The Eaton Rapids facility is located down the block from the Eaton Rapids Medical Center at 1415 S. Main Street. 

“Our Eaton Rapids location will have the benefit of working with excellent physician groups that have been serving the city and surrounding communities for quite some time! I look forward becoming a preferred destination for their patients,” Facility Manager Mitch Zigler DPT said. “We aim to consistently provide quality care. 98 percent of our patients would recommend Athletico to a friend, and Eaton Rapids looks to achieve the same results.”

Services available at Athletico Eaton Rapids include: 

  • Physical therapy – Personalized treatment plans developed in partnership with patients, provide rehabilitation for different issues including back and neck pain, sport, work or auto injuries, muscle strains and sprains or joint replacement therapy to name a few.
  • Golf rehabilitation – Golfers of all levels benefit from our experts who keep active players active, attend to injured golfers, and work with patients to prevent injury through fitness and conditioning.   
  • Vestibular therapy – Athletico Physical Therapy’s vestibular rehabilitation program offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating and treating patients with complaints of dizziness, balance deficits, and motion sensitivity.
  • Complimentary injury screenings – A 30-minute free assessment performed by a licensed clinician who reviews an injury or problem to your musculoskeletal complaint, as well as, assess movement impairments and discuss how this is affecting activities of daily living. To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary injury screening, visit
  • Manual Therapy – Our manual therapy clinicians take a hands on approach to mobilize and manipulate joints. This helps eliminate tension in tissues around a joint, reduce pain and help with overall flexibility and alignment.

Eaton Rapids will provide:

  • Convenient hours include early mornings, and evenings.
  • Prompt scheduling of each initial evaluation within 24-48 hours of the patient’s phone call or online request.
  • Ongoing patient education on diagnosis, treatment plans and prescribed home-exercise programs.
  • Clear, consistent communication between therapist, physician and patient regarding progress.
  • Other services include headache, TMJ, and sports performance video analysis.
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