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Resolve to Take Care of Yourself

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Have you made resolutions to start the New Year? Maybe you plan to save some money, lose some weight, or even start a new hobby. How about a resolution to simply take care of yourself? We often get caught up in taking care of everyone else and put ourselves last. It’s time to make a change and make yourself a priority in 2015!

Some health conditions are not talked about frequently but you may think it’s normal for you to have these symptoms or conditions. Review the following and ask yourself whether you are experiencing any of the following conditions and learn how to properly take care of yourself.

Do you leak a little urine with jumping, running, sneezing, laughing or coughing? Or, are you unable to make it to the bathroom in time before you begin to leak urine? You tell yourself it’s normal. Everyone says it will happen after childbirth or with age and accepts it. However, it’s not normal to have incontinence at any age, and you can do something about it. Physical therapy can help with assuring that you are contracting the muscles properly and that you’re using proper form when doing Kegel exercises, all while offering other steps to assure continence. Your diet and fluid intake can cause irritation of your bladder, and we can help identify possible irritants and adjust your diet to avoid them. Learn more about urinary incontinence here. 

 Learn more about pelvic pain and what potential causes could be here. Do you experience pain with intercourse, use of a tampon, or passing a bowel movement? Perhaps you have pelvic pain symptoms that are only occasional. Or maybe the pain is ongoing and leads you to limited social activities, travel or even, in some cases, work. The pelvic floor contains muscles that are just like any other area in your body and can become tight and sore, leading to chronic pain. There is relief from this pain! Learn more about pelvic pain and what potential causes could be here. 

Have you fallen onto your tailbone recently or in the past? The muscles surrounding the tailbone can become tight, making it difficult to sit for prolonged periods of time and can even lead to chronic pain when standing or walking. Physical therapy can help release the tension and restore the muscle balance in this area. Learn how physical therapy can help back pain here.

Has constipation, gas or bloating decreased your activity or created abdominal or lower back pain? The normal frequency for bowel movements varies greatly and can range from 3 times per week to 3 times per day. Bowel movements should be the size and consistency of a ripe banana. Physical therapists can identify solutions and alleviate pain in the pelvic floor, abdominals or lower back created by chronic constipation. Learn more about how physical therapy can reduce abdominal pain. 

Physical therapy treatment consists of an evaluation of the complaint, followed by a personalized program of exercise and dietary recommendations.There is help for all of these conditions! Physical therapy treatment consists of an evaluation of the complaint, followed by a personalized program of exercise, dietary recommendations, including monitoring fiber amounts and avoiding bladder irritants, and hands on treatment to decrease the muscular tension and pain in the area. With the appropriate exercise, dietary modifications, and work on the relevant muscles, the majority of the symptoms can be eliminated!

Make a resolution to take care of yourself in 2015 and see an Athletico Physical Therapy Men’s or Women’s health specialist today! Click here to Request an Appointment today.

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