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Stretch of the Week: Goddess Squat With a Side Stretch

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The last week of April brings us to goddess squat with a side stretch. This one will give you some strengthening in the legs as well as a stretch in the sides and core, bonus! If you have severe knee problems, please use a chair. Otherwise you won’t need anything for this stretch!聽

How to do the Goddess Squat with a Side Stretch:

  1. Set your feet wide apart, roughly 3-4 feet between each. Turn the feet out. Then sink the hips down towards the floor coming into a squat. Make sure the toes are pointed in the same direction as the knees! This will prevent injury. You don’t want to look like the bottom photo!聽

athletico stretch of the week goddess squat
Tip: if squatting is too challenging, use a chair taking a seat, as mentioned above, or rest your back and hips against a wall.

  1. From the squatting position, take the right forearm in to the right thigh. Inhale and extend the left arm up towards the ceiling. Then exhale while performing a side bend to the right. Next,聽rotate the chest towards the ceiling, as shown in the top photo. As in all the previous side stretches this month, keep the bent side as open as you can, and avoid crunching too much. See previous posts for that instruction.
  1. Stay here for 5-8 breaths. The longer you stay, the more you will begin to feel a stretch in the legs. Repeat on other side. Do each side 3-5 times, depending on how tired the legs get 馃檪 See you next month!

If you haven’t read the rest of our April stretches, work up to the Goddess Squat by checking them out here聽and聽email me if you have any questions!聽

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