Stretch of the Week: Assisted Neck Twist

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Week 2 of June is here already! This year is flying by right!? This weeks stretch is an assisted neck twist. If you have neck issues you may still want to give this one a try because it’s gentle and may even help your range of motion. Especially if you have trouble looking over your shoulder. 

You will need a small towel for this stretch.

How to do the Assisted Neck Twist:

  1. You can stand or sit, whatever’s comfortable for you. Take the towel with one end in each hand, then wrap it around your neck so that the right hand is down by the right collar bone and the left hand is up by the left temple as shown in the left photo.

assisted neck twist stretch

  1. Begin to turn your head to the right like you are trying to look over the right shoulder. Bring the left hand to the right as you pull the right hand towards the left collar bone, as shown in the right photo. Think of a tourniquet here. But gentle. The towel will assist you in turning the neck more than you may usually be able to. Only go as far as comfortable.
  1. And that’s it! Short and sweet for this stretch. Stay in the twist for 1-2 breaths and then come back to center. Repeat 5-10 times and then do the other side.
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