Stretch of the Week: Lateral Lat Stretch

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This weeks lat stretch is called a lateral Lat stretch. Say that three times fast! It also involves a quadriceps stretch if you like 馃檪

Contraindications for this stretch are if you have knee problems please just sit in a chair. You will need a yoga block if you would like the quad stretch added.

How to:

1. Come to kneeling. Place a yoga block between the feet behind you. Then lower the hips to the heels, settling the sit bones on to the block. Make sure the feet point directly behind you and not inward. This is where you may feel the quad stretch.

Tip: If this is too much for your knees to bend this far, sit in a chair.聽

2. Reach the left arm out towards the floor. Raise the right arm to the ceiling. Inhale and lengthen the right arm up, exhale and side bend to the left touching the finger tips to the floor as shown in the top left photo marked yes. Once you’re here, rotate the chest towards the ceiling and turn the gaze skyward. Do not collapse the ribs through the left side, as shown in the top right photo marked no. Keep lengthening through the sides and spine to keep the optimal stretch through the right lat.

(If you are sitting in a chair, place the left hand on the edge of the side of the chair and follow the instructions above)

3. If you want to take this stretch to the next level you can do the advanced version shown in the bottom photo. This is basically a modified side plank, it will require some arm strength. Come to one knee with that legs foot behind the knee, and then straighten the other leg. The bent knee will be in line with the straight legs foot. Reach the top arm up and over head. Reach the top hip towards the sky but keep length through the ribs and spine as instructed above. This version takes the stretch down into the front of the top legs hip as well as through the lay and teres muscles. It’s a good one!

4. For whatever version you are doing stay there for 5-8 breaths. Then repeat on the other side.

stretch of the week - 4

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  1. barbara eylers

    Your exercise is wonderful. This one bending over, that will help to lose my waist line. thanks

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