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Stretch of the Week: Reverse Plank

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Did you enjoy last weeks stretch? I hope so! Please feel free to leave comments down below. I love hearing from you and if you have suggestions for future months please voice them! I want to provide stretches and movements that will help you all, so please don’t hesitate to communicate with me 馃檪

Week 2 of October is a Reverse Plank. This is a stretch for the pectoral (chest) and biceps (top of arm). It does add a bit of a strength element too. But don’t be scared, I will make it accessible to those of you thinking that this will be hard.

You will need a chair propped against a wall or secured against a desk if you are in a cubical. Make sure if you’re using a chair with wheels that they are locked in place! The contraindication for this stretch is if you have a biceps injury or impingement, you may want to skip this week.

How to:

1. Sit at the very edge of the chair. Place the hands on either side of the seat, roughly at the corners by your hips. The palms will be on the seat and the fingers will wrap around the edge.

2. Walk the feet out about a foot, feet are no more than an inch or two apart. Press the palms into the seat, bring the belly button to the spine, and begin to lift your hips off the chair as in the top photo marked beginner. You want the heels, ankles, and knees in line. Do not let the hips sag to the floor, keep lifting them to the sky with the abs engaged. This is where the strength element comes in.

3. Once you’re here make sure the arms are straight, and squeeze the shoulder blades together to open the chest. Draw the shoulder blades firm on the back as well as down to the tail bone to keep space between the ears and the shoulders. Keep squeezing together!! Head stays in line with spine, gaze to the sky.

4. If you are a bit stronger and want more intensity, straighten the legs. Squeeze the inner thighs together and reach the toes to the floor as shown in the bottom photo marked intermediate. Keep all the same cues going as mentioned above.

5. Stay here for 5-8 breaths or longer it you can tolerate it. Repeat at least 3x.


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