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Stretch of the Week: Crossed Legged Low Back Reclined Twist

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Crossed Legged Low Back Reclined Twist

The third week of March brings us to the gentle Crossed Legged Low Back Reclined Twist stretch. It is simple despite its long name. This stretch will help you to gain flexibility in those stiff lumbar muscles that can cause muscle imbalances and contribute to low back pain. You will not need any equipment for this stretch.

For those who experience pain when twisting the hips, sacrum or lumbar spine, it is not recommended to perform this week鈥檚 stretch. As with beginning any exercise program, it is recommended to contact your physician, physical or occupational therapist to find out what is best for you.

1. Lie on your back on the floor. Cross your right leg over your left leg. Inhale and take the arms wide, in line with the shoulders, as shown in the photo marked Top View.

Performing the Crossed Legged Low Back Reclined Twist:

Crossed Legged Low Back Reclined Twist

2. Keeping the legs crossed, as you exhale, allow the knees to fall to the left side. The bottom foot will stay on the floor and roll to the outside edge. Turn the right palm down and reach to the right, trying to get the right shoulder blade to the floor. Maintain your gaze to the right.

3. Only allow the knees to go to the side as far as you feel comfortable. No need to overdo it. I have provided you two views of the stretch. Look at them both so you understand where the legs go. Stay here for 30 seconds to several minutes. Then inhale as you bring your legs back to center. To do the other side switch your legs by crossing the left over the right. Enjoy! 馃檪

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