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8 Small Tips for Living a Healthier Lifestyle

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On January 1st, many of us resolve to live a healthier lifestyle in the upcoming year. Although there are good intentions behind this resolution, changing and maintaining daily habits can be overwhelming.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean changing your entire routine in one fell swoop. By modifying small things in your daily life, you will be taking big steps toward fulfilling your New Year’s health goals.

To help, Athletico is providing simple, actionable steps that can be leveraged to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle. We have highlighted these health tips below:

  1. Feel free to swap out “Happy New Year” with the next upcoming holiday for this life hack.


  1. This is an easy way to increase your activity levels.


  1. Cold weather is not an excuse to skip exercising.


  1. If you stay motivated, you will be more likely to meet your health and wellness goals.


  1. Weak core muscles can cause instability in the rest of your body. To strengthen your core, try exercises where your hands and feet are in a fixed position.


  1. Make an exercise plan that supports your goals.


  1. Try the Buddy System.


  1. Challenge yourself!


One Step at a Time

By making small lifestyle changes throughout the course of the year, you will find it easier to reach your long-term health and wellness goals. If an injury should occur during exercise, make sure to schedule an appointment at your nearest Athletico location.

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What health tip do you live by? Share it in the Comment section below!

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