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You Have a Choice: Where Should You Receive Physical Therapy?

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Physical therapy (PT) is a treatment option for many types of injuries and conditions, but oftentimes the first time a patient becomes familiar with PT is after they receive a referral from their doctor.

Upon receiving a referral for PT, patients can feel confident that they have a diagnosis and are on their way to achieving their health and wellness goals. The next step is the recovery process is to set up the first physical therapy appointment. What many patients aren’t aware of, however, is that the decision of where to receive PT is completely up to them!

Your PT, Your Choice

Just as you choose your physician, you can also choose your physical therapist. This means that just because your doctor prescribes PT and offers PT at the facility at which they practice, doesn’t mean that you must go to PT at that facility. In fact, there are a lot of things to take into consideration before choosing a PT provider, including:

  • Location: While some patients will need PT once a week, others may need it three times or more a week. Regardless of your PT schedule, the time it takes to get to and home from PT should be taken into consideration when choosing a PT provider.
  • Hours: Life doesn’t stop for injuries, so knowing what type of hours your PT provider offers is important. For instance, do they work with your schedule? Is the facility open early mornings and late evenings? What about weekends?
  • Clinical Excellence: Healthcare professionals should continue their education throughout their career, as there are always new techniques and research that change the way patients can and should be treated. Knowing prospective physical therapists’ strengths is important when making a PT decision.

When making the decision of which PT provider to start your rehabilitation process with, there are many reasons to consider Athletico Physical Therapy:

  • Start Treatment Faster: Athletico schedules each initial evaluation within 24-48 hours of the patient’s request. After all, why should you wait to start your healing process!
  • Convenience: It is likely that Athletico offers a clinic in your neighborhood, as we have more than 400 locations in 11 states! Many of our locations are also open early and late to accommodate patients’ busy schedules. Saturday appointments are also available at select locations!
  • Our Clinicians Work One-On-One with Patients: In addition to creating personalized treatment plans for each patient, Athletico physical therapists go above and beyond when it comes to helping patients reach their goals. This includes providing ongoing education on diagnosis, prescribed home-exercise programs, maintaining clear and consistent communication with the patient’s doctor and even going to the doctor with the patient when necessary.
  • High Standard of Care: Athletico has become a leader in the physical therapy vertical due to our patient-centric focus and attention to quality. Athletico clinicians are provided with regular continuing education opportunities so they can advance their skillset and provide the best treatment possible to each and every patient.

The Decision Is Yours

When embarking on your rehabilitation journey, it is important to remember that your healthcare decisions are up to you! Take some time to research your options and make the best decision for your health and wellness goals.

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