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5 Celebrities You May Not Know Used Physical Therapy

5 Celebrities You May Not Know Used Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is something that we all can benefit from. From major accidents to minor injuries, a stint in physical therapy may do wonders in relieving that nagging pain and resuming normal function. But physical therapy isn’t just for athletes. Some actors and entertainers will utilize physical therapy to perform at their best. Some celebrities will even keep a physical therapist on staff. Here are just some examples:

1. Jennifer Aniston

The Friends star is a fitness fanatic. She has a personal physical therapist, Dr. Karen Joubert, who touts the importance of physical therapy for injury prevention rather than treatment after an injury has taken place. In an interview with InStyle, Joubert has her clients – including Aniston – focus on posture while on stage and provides education on proper body mechanics and the prevention of injuries. Joubert also  explains that physical therapy can help to eliminate the need for pain medications, whose side effects  can wreak havoc on the body. She states, “Who doesn’t want to feel better and do it with the guidance  of a good physical therapist instead of popping addictive medications? Becoming in touch with the body  can be a game-changer in every aspect of one’s life.”1,2

2. Tom Cruise

The Mission Impossible actor has been known to sustain injuries on the set while filming. In 2018, Cruise broke his ankle while jumping across a building during the filming of Mission Impossible – Fallout. His doctors told him that he might never be able to run again. Cruise was determined to resume filming,  and lo & behold, there was only a six-week delay in production and the movie was still released on time. He spent those six weeks aggressively rehabbing so he could be back to his job and doing the thing he loves most.1,3,4

3. Paul Walker

The late actor was known to do his own stunts. As a result, the legendary Fast & Furious star experienced a few injuries during his career and needed physical therapy to help heal from those he sustained while working on set.1 He even replied to his fans on Twitter, mentioning starting his morning  with physical therapy.

5 Celebrities You May Not Know Used Physical Therapy

4. Cirque du Soleil

The popular show is known to keep a staff of physical therapists on hand if injuries occur during these high-intensity shows. Physical therapists with the troupe can be expected to tour all over the country,  and even internationally.5,6,7 Talk about a new career as a traveling physical therapist!

5. Joffrey Ballet

Make no mistake, these performers are true athletes! As The Official Provider of Physical Therapy to The Joffrey Ballet, we are proud to have a physical therapist onsite during practices, shows and even travelling with the ballet. These performers utilize physical therapy to prepare for shows, recovery after shows, and to rehab from any injuries that may occur during a show.

Don’t Wait for Pain To Get Worse

In the end, these actors and performers utilize physical therapy to help them stay injury-free and to return to their beloved profession. If you have a pain or ache that has kept you from the activities you enjoy most, contact your nearest Athletico to set up a Free Assessment today! Free assessments are available in-clinic and virtually through our Telehealth platform.

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Physical therapy is usually the thing you are told to do after medication, x-rays or surgery. The best way to fix your pain is to start where you normally finish – with physical therapy at Athletico.

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