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4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises

4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises

by Tanner Neuberger, PT, DPT, TDN Level 11 Comment

Kettlebells are some of the most efficient training modalities available. You only need one kettlebell to perform the exercises, which can be done anywhere you take the kettlebell. The exercises are also very easy to set up and transition from one to another, making it an effective cardiovascular activity. There are many options of exercises to choose from, some exercises being more challenging or easier than others and can be scaled to your fitness level. Below I will highlight four exercises that hit just about every muscle in the body, and a full workout can be done in just 20 minutes. These basic exercises should be done for 2-3 months before increasing the technical difficulty of more advanced exercises. A simple routine would be to perform each of these exercises three times per week, doing three sets of each exercise for 15 repetitions.

1. Kettlebell Swing

This is the first basic kettlebell movement, and it has carryover to multitudes of other exercises, so proper form and control are essential. The kettlebell will start on the ground ahead of you, and you will bend slightly at the hips to get into the starting position. The movement is initiated by pulling your arms towards you to swing the weight between your legs. Once the weight is behind you, you will aggressively snap your hips and knees forward to allow the kettlebell to swing to roughly shoulder height freely. Once it reaches its peak, you will enable the kettlebell to start swinging back down and hinge at your hips to help guide it back between your legs. There are many videos detailing the basics of this exercise that are easy to find!

4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises 4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises 4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises

2. Goblet Squat

This is a very easy exercise to perform. Grab your kettlebell, hold it at chest height, and close to your body. Once in this position, perform a squat to the lowest depth you can control with good form, making sure to keep your torso upright.

4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises 4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises

3. Floor Press

Begin this exercise by lying on the ground and grabbing the kettlebell in one hand or both if you have two. You will want to grip the handle with the bell portion on the outside of your wrist. Press the weight up quickly, directly above you, and slowly lower to the ground. Make sure to let your triceps rest on the floor at the beginning of every repetition to help with form consistency.

4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises 4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises

4. Row

Begin in a bent-over position with the kettlebell in one arm. Bring the kettlebell towards your hip, and make sure you squeeze your shoulder blade to increase back activation. Once in the top position, slowly lower the kettlebell back towards the ground until you feel a stretch through your back. If you have two kettlebells, you can perform this exercise bilaterally, just like the floor press option. A change in torso angle will result in different muscles working within your back.

4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises 4 Kettlebell Strengthening Exercises

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Kettlebells are a great option for performing many fantastic exercises in a confined space and in a limited amount of time due to their ability to flow from one exercise to another. If you have any questions if this routine is right for you, schedule your free assessment with your local Athletico today.

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