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Static Stretches for Improved Flexibility

Posted on by Brandon Bowers, PT, DPT, Astym Cert.

Are you dealing with tight muscles, or maybe you don’t feel very flexible? When used correctly, stretching can be a useful tool to address tight muscles and improve muscle flexibility. Recent studies have confirmed that performing low intensity stretches over a long period can improve flexibility. Let’s look at a handful of simple stretches you can do to improve tight muscles.


Stretch of the Week: Reverse Plank Stretch

Posted on by Athletico

For the third week of September, we will be performing the Reverse Plank Stretch. This movement will stretch your chest, biceps and some front torso muscles.


Stretch of the Week: Bridge with Interlaced Fingers

Posted on by Athletico

Although the fourth stretch in February looks very similar to week two, it is different. This stretch, called the Bridge with Interlaced Fingers, gives more stretch across the chest and also works the biceps.


Stretch of the Week: Standing Chest Stretch

Posted on by Athletico

The third week of February brings us to a Standing Chest Stretch. It will stretch the muscles in the chest as well as along the top of the arm (mostly biceps).


Stretch of the Week: Beach Ball Hug & Expansion Dynamic Stretch

Posted on by Athletico

February is here! Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, this month’s theme will be chest stretches – also known as “Heart Openers.”


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