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How PT Can Help Manage Long-Term COVID-19 Symptoms

Posted on by Athletico

As the vaccine combatting COVID-19 continues to be distributed, we await the days where we could potentially return to our normal world. Gathering in groups to eat at restaurants, attend sporting events and concerts, and go to work without masks. Until that day returns, we are still faced with the current pandemic as people you know or even yourself may have become infected with COVID-19. Some of the common symptoms include sore throat, cough, loss of taste and smell but COVID-19 has also been leaving individuals with long-lasting symptoms. We probably will not know the full long-term impacts of this virus until many years from now. However, there are many symptoms of the coronavirus present today, and it may surprise you to hear that physical therapy can help manage many of those.


The Link between COVID-19 and Dizziness

Posted on by Athletico

In 2020, you couldn’t turn on your television without being bombarded with reports of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. For many of us, the holidays looked a little different this year, whether wearing face masks or celebrating via Zoom or FaceTime. At this point, it’s possible you have either personally been diagnosed or have a loved one that has been affected by the virus. Since the first established COVID-19 case, the understanding of the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, screening guidelines and medical management of the virus have been ever-evolving.


Helping COVID-19 Patients Recover

Posted on by Kathy Prampin, PT, MPT, OCS, COMT, Cert MDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most of us in some way. For those diagnosed with COVID-19, symptom presentation is variable. The range of potential symptoms continues to be updated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and can impact people differently, resulting in different outcomes. The aftermath of COVID-19 can lead to physical and mental impairments as well as fear and uncertainty about long-term recovery. For many, once they have recovered from the acute stage of the virus, symptoms may remain, including weakness, fatigue and mental fog.


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