National Physical Therapy Month: Celebrating Patient Comeback Stories

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As part of our celebration for National Physical Therapy Month, Athletico is highlighting the positive impact that our physical therapists have in the community.

From acting as motivators during rehabilitation to personally reaching out to a patient’s insurance or doctor, Athletico’s physical therapists routinely go above and beyond to help patients overcome pain and get back to doing the things they love. To celebrate these successes, we are recapping a few patient stories from our monthly #MyAthleticoStory series. Read below to learn about three patients who chose Athletico Physical Therapy to help them make their comeback:

Donald Chambers – Broken Arm/Shattered Elbow

Donald fell from the second story of a building while at work, which resulted in severe damage to his right arm – including two broken bones and an elbow that was completely shattered.

The trauma team was able to save Donald’s arm, but he ended up with two plates, two wires and a titanium elbow that was held together by 32 screws. Although Donald was grateful to have his arm, his doctor told him he would never work again. Donald then asked to be referred to the best therapist close to his home, and Gloria from Athletico Schererville West was highly recommended.

After a year of therapy, Donald made significant improvements. He was able to return to work and get back to doing the things he loves, like fishing.

“The staff at Athletico didn’t just treat me as a patient but as a friend. They made me feel like I was part of their family,” said Donald. “They were sympathetic, concerned and passionate in their quest to get me better. This includes everyone – from scheduling to all the therapists that worked on me one way or another. I am truly grateful to each and every one of them. I watched others come and go with different injuries in the time I was there and they did amazing work on everyone. I highly recommend this place for anyone in need of any physical therapy. You won’t be disappointed in them.”

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Victor Montoya – Lower Back & Bilateral Hip Impingements

Victor ended up at Athletico South Loop for lower back issues and bilateral hip impingements. Victor’s therapist, Kelli Barton, took a holistic approach to his treatment and initiated the therapy regiment that Victor’s doctor requested with modifications when needed.

Post-surgery, Kelli was sympathetic and encouraging. She stayed dedicated to Victor’s specific health issues and helped him get back to doing the things he loves.

“Athletico shall be my first choice in rehabilitation for the foreseeable future and I have no reservations whatsoever that the Athletico staff is thoroughly equipped to help,” said Victor. “Kelli is an amazing therapist and redefines integrity and compassion every visit.”

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Tim Noonan – Humeral Fracture

Two months after suffering a greater humeral fracture, Tim stopped making progress in therapy. His body was in pain and he was unable to focus on day to day activities. Before giving up, he met with his new physical therapist – Mackenzie from Athletico Lake Zurich.

Mackenzie took the time to ask Tim about his injury and assured him that she would help get him get better. She even had a teleconference with Tim’s insurance and took detailed notes to help justify why he needed to continue with physical therapy. Tim started improving once her plan was put into place. His pain lessened, tasks became easier and he started to feel more like himself.

Summer turned into fall and the physical therapy sessions continued until finally Mackenzie mentioned a graduation date to Tim. After 10 months and seeing many other patients come and go, it was finally Tim’s time to say goodbye.

“I had no idea how much life would change over the past year after falling down the stairs and suffering a life changing injury,” said Tim. “I could have wound up with a therapist who just went through the motions, wrote some progress notes and sent me on my way. I was extremely fortunate to get to work with people who went way above and beyond. When I was at my worst, I needed the best and I got something even better – for that there is no way to say thank you enough!”

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Make Your Comeback

The stories above showcase just a few of the conditions that physical therapy can help treat. If you think physical therapy could be a treatment option for an injury you are experiencing, request a complimentary injury screening at a nearby Athletico by clicking the button below.

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