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RICE- For Eating or For Injury? Why not both!?!

Posted on by Kele Cioflec
It’s my favorite time of year – spring sports are starting, the weather is getting warmer AND it’s March… National Athletic Training Month! Read More

Tips for Handling Healthcare Costs with Confidence

Posted on by Athletico
Physical therapy can help patients get back to doing the things they love – whether that’s achieving peak athletic performance, resuming everyday activities without pain or strain, or simply building strength and flexibility for better overall health. Read More

The Importance of Home Exercise Compliance

Posted on by Clinton Boone
Home exercises are usually given to patients at their first physical therapy visit and updated throughout the course of care. They are provided to reinforce what is completed during each visit and to eventually support the transition to independent management of the condition. Throughout the course of treatment, these exercises are checked frequently by the therapist for proper form and progression. Read More

Athletic Trainers: Keeping Calm in the Face on Injury

Posted on by Sarah Pettit
It’s 6:33pm on a Friday night and I get a phone call from a coach: “Sarah, we need you up in the gym. Now.”   The phone clicks off. I know that when a phone call from a coach lasts less than a minute, it tends to be something that can’t be solved with a bandage or an ice pack. Read More

Have You Taken the Paper Challenge?

Posted on by Leython Williams, PT, DPT
In an age where internet challenges and trends change so quickly, the real challenge is keeping up with them all! However, the latest challenge that I’ve come across via social media is called “The Paper Pick-Up Challenge.” By now, I’m certain that many of you reading this blog have heard of this challenge. If you have not, then I’ll warn you – to hear of it is also to attempt it! Read More

You Have a Choice: Where Should You Receive Physical Therapy?

Posted on by Athletico
Physical therapy (PT) is a treatment option for many types of injuries and conditions, but oftentimes the first time a patient becomes familiar with PT is after they receive a referral from their doctor. Read More

7 Things New Athletic Trainers Should Know Entering the Field

Posted on by Kathryn Hermanas
Making the transition from student to certified athletic trainer (AT) is an exciting time, as you finally get to begin the journey of a new career. However, just like any other industry, it can be overwhelming to taking in all the details that come with the start of a new position. Read More

Graston®: What Is It and Who Should Try It?

Posted on by Erin Beecher
Most people go to physical therapy and expect to learn exercises to help with their pain or injury, such as stretches to improve their range of motion. Sometimes these interventions alone do not completely resolve the problem, but there are specialty techniques that can help, including Graston®Read More
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