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Stretch of the Week: Simple Wrist Flexion Stretch

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Week 2 of August is here! This week we will be doing a simple wrist flexion stretch. This movement will stretch the muscles through the top of the forearm and the top of the hand.

You will not need anything for this stretch.

How to:

1. You can do this stretch while sitting tall in a chair or on the floor, or while standing without slouching. Extend the left arm out in front of you, the arm should be in line with your shoulder as shown in the top photo marked 1. Make a fist with the hand keeping the thumb to the side of the fingers, and curl the hand down with out bending the elbow or lowering the arm.

2. Take the right hand and cup the left fist so that the right palm cups the fist and the right fingers go over the top of the hand. As shown in the middle photo marked 2.

3. From this position gently pull the left hand down to curl it even more towards the floor with the right hand. It’s not a very big movement, but you will feel the stretch all the way to the elbow. Focus on keeping the left arm straight, the right arm will bend slightly.

4. You can do this same stretch with each individual finger as well. It’s a little more intense if you do one finger at a time. You would assist each finger by tucking it and curling it into the palm as far as it will go with the right hand. The other fingers would be free, as shown in the bottom photo.

5. Stay here for 15-30 seconds. You can do this stretch 3 or 4 times, either with the entire fist or with each finger.


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