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The “Secrets” to Being Happy

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Wouldn’t it be great to always be happy? Do you know people who always seem to be joyful? Do you want to be like that too? Is there a secret or magic formula to being happy?
By now, you probably realize that having things, or money can’t bring you happiness. What happy people want you to know, is that they “grow” happiness within their soul. And you can too. Here’s how…

GenericAthletico1CATCH SOME ZZZZZs
We all feel better after a good night’s sleep. For me, this is at the top of my Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If I don’t sleep, I am frazzled.  Numerous studies have shown the connection between good health and good sleep. By getting an average of 8 hours of quality sleep per night, you can reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke, weight gain, car accidents, depression, anxiety. Having trouble sleeping? Room darkening shades, ear plugs, discontinuing screen time an hour before bedtime and limiting drinks, especially caffeinated beverages helps. Sleep well, feel good, be happy to wake to a new day. A sign hanging in my kitchen commands me, “Wake Up and Be Awesome.”

We all know we’re supposed to exercise, but we often don’t think we have time. Find your joy in moving. Whether it is dancing around the house while you dust, committing to taking the stairs, walking the dog or a formal date at the gym, you’ll be enjoying those endorphins, feeling accomplished, reducing your stress and lightening your mood. They say that sitting is the new smoking…so  get up and give those muscles what they want.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Believe it. Focus on the positive and let go of the negative. When you put things in perspective, you will find an appreciation and gratefulness in your life. Pay that attitude and gratitude forward by doing something nice for somebody or volunteering. It will make you feel happy all over again.  Another sign hanging in my house proclaims, “Today is the Perfect Day for a Perfect Day.” Indeed.

Bummed out? Feeling blue?  Put a smile on your face and act happy. Often times, faking happiness can trick the blues away. If you feel sad or anxious for more than a few weeks, check in with your doctor or other health care provider. Help is close by. Don’t wait. I firmly believe that we all deserve to be happy.

Totally serious about this one. By creating a positive affirmation for yourself, whether it be a short phrase, a line from a poem or even a song, you can create an instant boost of inspiration and happiness for yourself. This is great for when you feel a little low, if someone puts you down or when you want to reassure yourself. My personal mantra is, “My Light Shines Bright.” My inspirational song is, “While You See a Chance, Take It,” by Steve Winwood. It reminds me to stay open to the possibility that something amazing will happen today. I just need to remind myself to pay attention. A sign in your home or in your work area with a favorite phrase is a great reminder that happiness is always within reach.

Socialize and relate to your fellow man, woman and pets. Vent, laugh, share experiences. Life can be tough…reach out and communicate with family, friends or Fido on a daily basis.

Take time, make time for things you enjoy. Play! Read, sing, knit, ride your bike, get an adult coloring book…it’s all the rage! Be goofy! Laugh yourself silly! There’s a saying in long distance running…you can be happy or you can be miserable, the mileage is the same. Choose happiness. If you have ever chosen misery and had a pity party, you know it is just that…miserable. Realize how lucky you are if you are lucky enough to choose. Enough said? A  sparkling sign that was a gift, sits on my counter top and chooses for me….it says, “I think I’ll Just Be Happy Today.”

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