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ImPACT Baseline Testing


This Concussion baseline test option is taken in the non-concussed state. Should a concussion occur, baseline results are used throughout the treatment to ensure rehabilitation returns brain function back to baseline. Baseline tests should be administered by a physician, athletic trainer, or physical therapist.

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What patients need to know about ImPACT:

  • ImPACT is a computerized baseline test that takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.
  • The test will process the overall speed and reaction time of the patient as well as non-verbal problem solving, attention span, and memory.
  • The test provides outcomes that can assist with return to participation, or developing a rehabilitation plan, should an injury occur.
  • Testing is available to take individually, or with a team/group.

Physician will use baseline results should a head injury and/or concussion occur.

Athletico Physical Therapy Treatment Options:

REMEMBER: ImPACT® test results should be used as only one source of information regarding the athlete’s level of functioning. Diagnostic or return-to-play decisions should be based on an evaluation by medical personnel in accordance with usual and standard medical practices.

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